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   Chapter 1549 Stick To Kevin (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5400

Updated: 2019-04-17 02:18

"Well in the first month, I stayed in Paris to work on the garments for the fashion show. The next month I just went around and traveled across Europe. I thought if I did, I could forget you this way--but only to find out that I just couldn't do it. During the day time, I could handle it because I had kept myself busy with work or other things to keep me from thinking of you. But when nighttime came and I was alone, with everything so quiet around me, I just couldn't help but miss you. I missed you so much and it was just like the high tide washed and flooded over me that I couldn't even breathe," Leena said as a smile of self-mockery found its way to her lips. She loved him and she had no reason to hide it from him, especially now.

"No wonder I didn't find you in Paris. It seemed that I was too late because you already left," Kevin said as he briefly recalled that time. If he had known this, he would've gone to Paris a few days earlier. That way he might have come across Leena in Paris and saved both themselves from the torment of love-sickness.

"Have you been to Paris looking for me?" Leena asked, completely surprised. She knew that he was always very busy with his work, and that came with his obligations as a soldier. He even had to work on the weekends and seldom had any free time. How could he possibly fit in his schedule flying to Paris to look for her?

"Yes!" Kevin said. "Because I didn't have much time, I only stayed there for two days," he added. In order to take time from his busy schedule, he had worked overnight for several days to finish the work beforehand. Unfortunat

' feelings into account. He was also their son and he still had to take care of them. He was really a jerk to have thought about giving up in that moment.

"It's your work. It's not something you can choose and we can understand. We never blamed you." There were a lot of soldiers in the family, so she knew that it was very clear that they could not choose their fate. People's interests always went first above their lives.

"Is everything okay with dad?" Kevin asked worriedly. His father had unstable blood pressure. He hoped that his blood pressure would not surge when he got the news of his injury.

"You know how strong he is. Don't worry. He's always fine. And you, you should be good to Leena this time. If you let her go again, I will not forgive you." Shannon stared at him with a warning look. She sided with Leena every time, because she liked her.

"Mom, rest assured. If I miss her again, I know you won't forgive me, and I will not forgive myself either," Kevin said to his mother, but his eyes were fixed on Leena who was talking to Tom at the door.

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