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   Chapter 1548 Stick To Kevin (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5274

Updated: 2019-04-17 01:27

"Oh! It turns out that you have already touched me all over!" Kevin laughed wildly, intentionally teasing her.

"Ah! No, I didn't mean that!" Leena said as she bashfully lowered her head in embarrassment to avoid meeting his playful eyes.

"I was joking. Don't take it seriously, my silly girl." Kevin had considerably livened up, but he still didn't dare to move. He still felt painfully sore all over his body.

"Do you feel anything wrong with your body? Are you alright? I'll ask Tom to check on you," Leena asked nervously when she saw his mouth twitch in pain.

"I'm okay, only feeling a little pain on the spot I got injured. Don't bother Tom." Kevin knew it was normal to feel pain after the surgery, so he didn't think it was necessary to send for Tom.

"I'm sorry." Leena felt guilty again. If only he knew how much she hoped that she could bear the pain for him instead!

"I said it had nothing to do with you. Don't take it to heart." He remembered when the aftershock occurred, he really thought that he would just be buried under the debris and lose his life there. However, Leena's sweet smile flashed through his mind and somehow, he was able to subconsciously dodge the falling debris and hide under the concrete slab. That prevented him from suffering any further harm caused by the aftershock.

"I won't feel relieved until you recover." Leena said as a lump formed in her throat. She found it rather easy for her to shed tears tonight.

"It sounded like you are threatening me." Kevin laughed, but soon he let out a strangled cry because the act

er until death did them apart.

"Honey, thank you! Thank you for your tolerance and also your unflinching courage. Moreover, thank you for still loving me despite my imperfections," Leena said as her voice was racked with sobs. To her, what Kevin just said was probably the most beautiful whisper of love the world had ever heard.

"My silly girl, when did you suddenly get so emotional?" Kevin said affectionately. He seldom heard her call him honey, so that made him very pleased.

"I'm so lucky to have you around," Leena said with her voice carrying all the tenderness she could hold. She gently planted the softest of kisses on his lips to avoid hurting him.

The unexpected kiss caught Kevin off guard. He looked at her with his eyes wide open in surprise, even forgetting how to react. When he came back to his senses, Leena had already finished the kisses and was looking back at him.

"Tell me, where have you been when you were away?" Kevin said curiously. He really wanted to know what she had been up to when he was not around.

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