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   Chapter 1547 Stick To Kevin (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5448

Updated: 2019-04-17 01:23

It was as if time had been put temporarily on hold. The bedroom was in a sea of silence. The sheets rustled as a body adjusted its position. On one side of the bed, the man slept peacefully. Kevin's injury was quite grave so he couldn't hold out for too long, and soon he got tired and fell asleep. When Leena woke up and her groggy eyes adjusted to the darkness, she didn't see any changes in Kevin as he still slept soundly on the bed. She still thought he was unconscious.

She glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand. It was still early before the break of dawn, but she was fully awake now. She remembered what Tom suggested to her--she took a cotton swab from the nightstand drawer and used it to moisturize his lips.

Shortly after that, Leena felt quite bored as she had nothing else to do. She turned back to Kevin again and traced the contours of his face with her fingers as a mischievous smile cracked on her lips and her eyes glinted with mirth. Her fingers danced across his skin as she imagined her love transforming into a kind of magical power that she passed on to him through the tips of her fingers. She really hoped that she could wake her sleeping prince up this way.

"You are having so much fun in it." A hoarse voice broke the stillness of the dawn and startled Leena. Her fingers abruptly stopped in their movement and she looked at him incredulously. However, his eyes were still firmly shut and nothing seemed different from what he was usually like when he slept--heavy snoring and living in his own dream land. It made Leena doubt whether she was just delusional or that she was in a dream w

continuing his words. She would feel too ashamed if he wanted to put all the bad things that happened between them on himself.

"Okay, I'll stop. Come closer to me. I want to take a good look at my girl." Kevin hungrily devoured Leena's beautiful face with his hungry eyes. There were still splotches of tears on her cheeks, but that only made her look all the more fascinating to him. Those tears were just like dew drops on a rose's petals on a fine sunny morning.

"Do I look awful now?" Leena wiped her tears with her arm in embarrassment, in a way just like a child did.

"Not at all. You are much thinner than before." Kevin frowned as his heart twisted in realization of this. She was already too thin to begin with and now, she was so skinny to the point that a gentle gust of wind would blow her away.

"Huh! Look at yourself! You are the one who really has become so thin that I could hardly feel your flesh when I touch you," Leena said with an innocent expression painted on her face. She didn't mean anything else as she saw that his face really looked so skinny.

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