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   Chapter 1546 The Quickening (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7879

Updated: 2019-04-17 00:24

"Sure. We need to get together for tea soon." Belinda decided to learn more about labor from Daisy. She was really scared of it. When did it start? What should she do? How much did it hurt?

"Okay. Have a safe drive." Daisy turned to Duke and urged him to drive slowly, as there was a pregnant woman in his car. She was always thinking of others, but paid less attention to herself.

"Got it. Bye, Belinda." Duke nodded as he got in and left.

Daisy watched the car leave the car park. Then she turned and walked to the elevator. She was stunned to see Leena sitting at Kevin's bedside. Nobody had told her Leena was back.

"Leena?" Daisy said hesitantly when she saw the woman clean Kevin's lips with a Q-tip.

"Daisy!" Leena didn't know why, but the moment she saw Daisy, she felt hurt and threw herself into her arms.

"You're finally back. We missed you so much." Daisy patted Leena's back to comfort her. She knew how sad Leena felt, so she was not willing to blame her for anything.

"I missed all of you, every day." Leena sniffed. Somehow she felt like Daisy was like her mother, and that was why she was unable to hold back her tears when she saw her.

"Since you missed us so much, you should have come back earlier. We were so worried about you." Daisy released her and took out a tissue to wipe her tears.

"I'm so sorry. I won't leave you guys again." Leena turned tears into smiles. She had her time alone, and realized that she couldn't live without her friends and family.

"All right. How's Kevin? When will he wake up?" Daisy asked with a frown when she looked at Kevin's unconscious form. She had gotten wind of Kevin's injury on the third day of her assignment to the capital city. She came back home as soon as she finished her test.

"I don't know. Tom didn't say. But he did say Kevin was going to be okay." Leena cast a worried glance at Kevin. She had spoken to him almost constantly since she got to him, but he hadn't moved so much as a finger.

"Relax. Since Tom said Kevin's fine, he'll recover soon. So don't worry. Maybe now that you're back, he'll start taking better care of himself." Daisy sighed with profound resignation. Love is so painful, and her friends had all suffered because of it. Daisy turned Kevin down when he had confessed to her. But Kevin hadn't acted like this. This meant that Kevin's fe

He looked away slowly as he was still very weak and unable to move his head as quickly as usual. When he saw the familiar figure at his bedside, his eyes widened and his heart stopped. The medical device even made an alarming beep at this moment.

Was it Leena? Did she really come back? It must be a dream! It must be illusion, because he missed her so much. At the thought of it, Kevin forced a bitter smile and closed his eyes again to calm himself down.

But her unique aroma lingered in his nostrils. And his hand was held by another pair of hands, soft and warm. The feeling was so familiar, as she had held his hand countless times in the past.

Kevin moved his body in an attempt to attract her attention, but his whole body was aching and he had to stop doing that. He then tried to call out her name.

"Nana," he croaked. His voice was low and husky, as he had been unconscious for a long time.

Leena had fallen into deep slumber and didn't hear Kevin's voice. However, she held his hand even more tightly, as something told her he was awake.

Kevin was filled with joy, as Leena came back to him. He didn't dare to interrupt this peaceful moment, but tried to turn his head to stare at his beloved wife. As she slept, her face was covered by her long hair. He was unable to see the face that he had missed for such a long time. But as long as she was by his side, he was already satisfied.

Feeling her warm hands, Kevin couldn't help but thank God in his heart that Leena came back to him again. He came back to life, and couldn't be happier.

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