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   Chapter 1545 The Quickening (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6700

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"Hey! Get a room, willya?" Leena cracked a joke to try to calm things down. She knew Duke liked wrangling with Belinda, but some words were hurtful.

"Just eat, and mind your own business," Belinda said, giving Leena a grateful wink. Leena winked back, meaning "no problem."

Duke noticed the secret interaction between the two women, but didn't say anything. At least they got along with each other. That made him happy, because they were the two most important women in his life.

"Did Tom say when the dude would wake up?" Duke asked with a frown, staring at Kevin who was still in a coma.

"Don't call him dude. He has a name!" Leena pouted.

"Chill, alright? I call everyone dude." Duke was a little uncomfortable when he heard Leena defend Kevin. He had always done his best for her, and he thought he would always be her "go to" person. But now, it seemed that he was wrong.

"Come on! If Kevin calls you dude, will you get angry?" Belinda snapped. She just couldn't understand why Duke always had to make trouble. When Kevin had been in the operating room, Duke had been scared to death. Now that Kevin was out of danger, Duke changed back to Mr. Cold.

"Do you always have to argue with me?" Duke rolled his eyes at Belinda. Other wives would always stand by their husbands' side, but it seemed like Belinda was always finding fault.

"I always believe in justice," Belinda said with a proud expression. Duke's anger meant nothing to her.

"Oh really? Then I'm Justice Leng from now on." Even though he was really frustrated by Belinda's attitude, he could do nothing but glare at her. He really wished the baby could pop out right now, and then he could spend the whole night teaching her a lesson.

Leena sighed, rubbing her temples. 'Can't they just get along with each other like normal couples? They love each other so much, but they always argue. They're so weird!' Leena thought to herself.

After bidding goodbye to Leena, Duke and Belinda walked to their car i

abor pain. On the one hand, she was looking forward to meeting her baby. On the other hand, she was really scared of the pain. And would she be able to tell the difference between contractions and bad food? She was both physically and mentally under pressure.

"Don't worry, Belinda. You won't hurt your baby by sleeping on your belly. Believe me, you won't want to. Really, if you sleep on your left side it's better for the kid. And relax. It's important to be happier." Daisy hadn't thought about all these when Justin had been growing in her belly. She had been a single mother at that time, and she could only depend on herself. She had been so busy to support herself every day that she had had no time to think too much.

"I know you're right, but I just can't help thinking about all of it." Belinda stroked her belly softly. Maybe the baby got bored because they had stayed here too long, so it began to give Belinda some hard kicks.

"I think you need a way to kill time, to stop you from overthinking everything. It's late. You should go head home. I need to check on Kevin." Daisy rolled her eyes at Belinda. After Belinda had gotten pregnant, Duke stepped in and essentially took over her company. As a result, Belinda had nothing to do. If she had been still busy like before, she wouldn't have had the time to worry.

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