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   Chapter 1544 I Can't Lose You (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7351

Updated: 2019-04-16 07:07

"Yeah. You're right. I have the key, so I'll head out. Be right back." Lee thought she was right and did not oppose her proposal.

"No Lee, you've done too much already. I'll hold things down here, come back tomorrow." Leena turned him down in a hurry, because she wanted to spend more time alone with Kevin. She had a lot of things that she hadn't had the chance to say to Kevin.

"Why?" Puzzled, Lee frowned at her.

"Stop asking. Do what Leena says. She's not gonna hurt Kevin. Don't you worry." Patricia knew what Leena was thinking, so she pulled Lee out.

Leena blushed watching Patricia do this, knowing she must have read her mind.

Patricia took Lee out of the room. Her recklessness made Lee, who had never touched a girl before, extremely embarrassed.

"You big dummy! Leena wants to be alone with Kevin for a while. Don't you understand?" Patricia didn't know why Lee was acting so strangely, so she scolded him sarcastically as soon as she let go.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know." Lee scratched his head in embarrassment. He really didn't get it until now. He realized how foolish he had been.

"You're all good. Now swerve!" Patricia suddenly had a feeling about Lee. He seemed like a great guy, a cut above most of the people she had met so far.

"Then I'll go now. Good-bye, Mrs. Qin." Patricia was no stranger to Lee. As for the people and things related to Kevin, he would find a chance to know them in advance.

"Bye!" Patricia waved to him and watched him leave. Although she did not know Lee well, she was polite to him.

"What are you looking at?" Tom, in his white coat, had just finished a meeting and wanted to come and see Kevin.

"Oh! Are you off work?" Patricia was so pleased to see Tom that she put her arms around him and did not care who could see them.

"No. It's a while before my shift ends. Where's Leena? She awake?" Tom didn't push her away. Though he was not used to it, he forced himself to adapt. He knew they were husband and wife, so that kind of intimacy was normal to them.

"Yeah. She's awake. In Kevin's room. You going in?" Patricia smiled brightly. Although Tom was absent-minded most of the time, he had changed a lot. She was happ

. Because he loved her heart, he could never find her ugly.

"Don't flatter yourself too much. I am still very much my own woman," Belinda said smugly. Her stomach was much larger than before, but the rest of it had not changed much. She was now a beautiful pregnant woman.

Leena never spoke and just ate in silence. Now that the topic had finally shifted from her to Belinda, she didn't want to catch any more flack. Belinda, however, did not intend to let things go that easily.

"You've only been away a few months. How did you get so thin? Are you trying to lose weight?" complained Belinda. Compared to Leena's slim figure, Belinda looked fat, which depressed her.

"You kidding me? I haven't lost any weight!" Leena almost choked. She put down her fork and tried to recover.

"Leave her alone. She's just jealous of your figure." As Belinda's husband, Duke certainly knew what she was thinking. She was jealous of Leena. If Belinda hadn't said a word, no one would have noticed anything, because Leena was the same size as she always was.

"Ganging up on me now?" Belinda was frustrated by Duke's constant taunts. This was how pregnant women were.

"Belinda, do you want a reason to complain?" Duke said playfully, a hint of danger in his eyes. Belinda, overwhelmed by Duke's words, thought, 'Damn it. I made him angry again.' For his part, Belinda had a lot of leeway, but he wouldn't allow her to be too independent. That was his bottom line.

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