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   Chapter 1543 I Can't Lose You (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6402

Updated: 2019-04-16 06:26

"Kevin, you can't just leave me like this. Wake up! Please! I can't lose you. Please wake up." Kevin was lying right there in the hospital bed in front of her, but she felt he was a million miles away. It was the first time she ever felt this way. She just looked at him, but he gave no response, not even a smile. Nothing in the world could be more painful than this.

"Why are you doing this? Is it because I left you? I came back. Do you hear me? Oh God, please wake up!" Leena's tears fell on his hands. At that moment she realized that when she left, it hurt him as well as herself.

"I'll never leave you this time. I won't leave you again, even if you drive me away with a stick. Maybe I can't have kids, but that's okay. It's really okay. I don't want anything. I only want to be with you." She decided that after the accident, she was going to go after what she wanted. As for Kevin's family, she would work really hard to earn their understanding.

"I'm sorry Leena. We need to fix his intubation. I need to boot you out." Tom entered the room again. Kevin was still under observation, so Leena couldn't stay in the ward for too long.

"OK." Leena nodded and let go of Kevin's hand. She knew it was about Kevin's life, so she had to listen to Tom. As she left the room, she couldn't help looking back at Kevin in his bed.

"It's all right. Just go back home and get some rest. I promise when you wake up, Kevin will be out of danger." Tom wiped away her tears. She had been here a long time, and Tom was afraid she might get exhausted.

"No. Tom, don't ask me to go home. I want to be with him." Leena shook her head, not wanting to leave the man she loved. Even leaving him for a second, she felt that her heart was broken into tiny pieces.

"Don't do that. We don't need you sick too," Tom insisted. In Tom's opinion, Leena stressed herself out too much. If she was ill right now, he might not

Patricia fully understood her friend's mood. If she were Leena, she would do the same.

The next time when they saw Kevin, a lot of the equipment had been removed from the room. He was off life support, and the cadre professional doctors who had been with him left. The room was quiet except for the machine that monitored his blood oxygen and his vitals, and Lee was alone with Kevin. Seeing Leena and Patricia, Lee quickly stood up.

"Leena, sleep well?" Lee stayed up all last night. As a solider, he was used to going days and nights without sleep during field exercises, so this was nothing for him. Meditation kept him sane and energized.

"Yeah I did. How is he? Did he ever wake up?" Leena touched Kevin's cheek carefully, feeling he was much thinner than before.

"No. Dr. Qin said there was no head trauma, so he should come around any time now." Lee asked a few more questions because he was worried about Kevin.

"Good, good. You have the key to our house, right? Lee, go back to our place, take a shower, and get some sleep. He needs someone to take care of him. We'll do it in shifts. We can't all be here at the same time, or we'll all be screwed." After her nap, Leena was thinking much more clearly and she was now able to organize things properly.

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