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   Chapter 1538 The Operation Was Very Successful (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6403

Updated: 2019-04-16 00:14

"What did she mean?" Rain asked, looking at everyone with confused eyes. He didn't understand what the nurse meant. The situation was tense and worrisome, and Rain was no longer his usual carefree self.

"Why are you asking me? How would I know?" Edward rolled his eyes at him in annoyance. If he had any idea what was happening right now, he would not be so anxious. Rain's question only made him feel more stressed.

"Everyone, calm down, okay? Everything will be all right." Shannon was naturally more mature than all of them because she was older. Though she was worried sick about her son, she had to be strong for all of them. She needed them to calm down. That was why she said these words to comfort them. But who was she kidding? Saying those words, she was also in fact trying to comfort herself.

"Will it, Mom? Is he really going to be okay?" Leena asked in a shaky voice. She could not even breathe right now. Her heart was beating so fast in her chest that she could hear the blood pulsing in her head. She didn't know how to feel except that she was feeling numb. To say that she was worried sick about Kevin and Tom was an understatement, especially when she didn't know what was going on.

"Yeah, of course, it will. I guess Tom is just a bit exhausted. You know, the surgery has been going on for hours now." Duke answered, then dropped a gentle kiss on her forehead. He knew clearly what Leena needed the most right now. All she needed was reassurance, and he was more than willing to give his little sister that. He knew that he should be strong for her during this extremely hard time.

Just then, the same nurse who had just left hurriedly came back. They all knew that this could be an emergency, so none of them stopped her this time.

Leena couldn't tell what she was feeling right now. Her head was in a mess. Her thoughts kept alternating between Kevin and Tom. They were both equal

. That's why it took me so long to finish the operation." This was definitely the most tiring operation that Tom had ever performed. He was being extremely careful because he knew how important Kevin was to Leena. That was why he fainted the moment he got out of the operation room earlier. He was just too tired, and he could finally relax his strained nerves.

"Really? You are not lying to me? Oh my God, thank you so much Tom! Thank you! When can I see him then?" Leena hugged Tom as her face broke into a huge smile though there were still tears on her big beautiful eyes. She knew that Kevin wouldn't have the heart to leave her. He loved her too much to do such a cruel thing to her.

"Tomorrow morning is the earliest time you can see him. He has to be in ICU under close observation for now. All we can do is hope for the best that no complications arise during this time." Tom pinched the place between his eyebrows, feeling tired as hell. This operation had taken him almost 24 hours to finish. Fortunately, the result and outlook were positive. He successfully saved Kevin's life and his efforts had not gone to waste at all. He was happy that Kevin was okay for now. He knew Leena would be devastated if anything bad happened to the man who completed her life.

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