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   Chapter 1534 The Earthquake Relief (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7308

Updated: 2019-04-15 09:25

"I know. Even if you didn't actually say that, I'll stick to it," Kevin said. Different from his father, Duke had come straight to the point. By nature he was arrogant and unruly.

That night, the two men had drunk a lot. They finally had something in common – their love for Leena. The relations between them had become more harmonious.

Days passed, and after the New Year holidays, Lee returned to work. However, Leena was still nowhere to be found.

"Major General, you should eat something now." Lee's eyes were clouded with worry: Kevin was wasting away, daily getting thinner.

"Okay. Put the food over there. I'll eat later." Kevin answered absently, not raising his head, focused as he was on the topographic map on his desk.

"It doesn't take long to eat! If you continue starving yourself, you will end up with stomach trouble," Lee grumbled. Kevin had been eating irregularly since Leena left. His health would soon suffer.

"Lee, you're being just as garrulous as Mark!" Kevin had raised his head, and was now teasing Lee.

"Do you think that I like seeing you like this? You don't take care of yourself, and now I have to remind you to do so all the time." Lee was uncomfortable under Kevin's steady gaze. He was worried about Kevin's health, but more importantly, he had to take good care of Kevin for Leena's sake to show his gratitude. Leena had gifted his family with many things, and he estimated that these must be worth no less than 100, 000.

"Fine. I'll eat right now. There, are you satisfied?" Kevin had no choice but to reach for the meal which Lee had brought for him from the canteen.

"Major General, Lieutenant Colonel Han said that you would be in command of the seven-day survival challenge. But then you will miss the officer assessment in the capital city, right?" Lee was trying to confirm what he had heard. He often heard rumors through the grapevine, and from his good friend Mark.

"Yeah. Senior Colonel Ouyang will be attending the assessment," Kevin responded, his expression stolid. He didn't consider this a serious matter.

"But you will lose the chance at promotion!" Lee said anxiously. Although Kevin already held the ra

le we both don't care about getting promoted. It's interesting!" Kevin's words amused Daisy, and she couldn't help laughing. Her cool face softened.

"Maybe it's because we're old. We're no longer as frivolous as when we were younger." Kevin sighed. He knew full well that age had nothing to do with it, but rather it was his mood.

"Fine. Since you have made up your mind, I won't force you. But our army base must be presented at the assessment. I'll have to go as representative, if you won't go." Daisy felt resigned. She didn't want to attend the assessment, but since Kevin had decided to refuse, she had to step up. She sighed at the thought of her arrogant husband. He would be angry with her again, likely for several days this time.

"I'm sorry that you have to go on my behalf." Kevin grinned by way of thanks.

"It's all right. It's good to be assessed more often, and it's not really hard work anyway," Daisy said with an indifferent shrug. Anyway, one of them had to attend the assessment. She was considerate and would replace Kevin.

Everything seemed to be doomed. The next day, after Daisy headed for the capital city, Kevin received new mission orders. It was not the special training for field survival, but rather a relief mission after an earthquake struck a coastal city far away from S City. Although the epicenter was not deep, the resulting tsunami had brought massive losses and injuries to the earthquake-stricken city.

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