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   Chapter 1533 The Meaning Of Family (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6883

Updated: 2019-04-15 06:35

Walking into Leena's room again felt like walking into a time machine for Kevin. Everything there was the same as he remembered. It could have been a perfect nostalgia if only Leena was around. His heart broke a bit more when his eyes landed on the huge picture she had inside her room. It was a floor to ceiling picture of Leena smiling brightly. His feet moved by their own towards it as he couldn't help but want to touch it. She was so beautiful and innocent on that photo and God knew how it was making him miss her more.

'Nana, when are you coming back? Did you forget your way home? Did you forget about me? There are a lot of people who love you in S City, you know?'

He ran his fingertips on the photo to gently touch Leena's lips. He had always been a strong man but then he wasn't able to control himself from crying at that moment. He was empty! He was nothing but a hollow space without her and it hurt more than any other pain that he had encountered in the battlefield.

There was still a faint smell of her perfume that was left on her soft bed. Standing inside the room where Leena had lived for many years gave Kevin the feeling that she was still next to him.

With her scent surrounding him, Kevin soon felt at ease and fell asleep. He was too worn out that his body couldn't take the abuse anymore. He couldn't sleep the past few days, and he even couldn't eat. Belinda was about to wake him up for lunch when Duke suddenly stopped her. Duke might not be on the good side with Kevin but then he knew that his brother-in-law badly needed to rest.

"I am sorry that I've slept too long." Kevin felt a bit ashamed the moment he stepped into the living room and found everyone waiting for him. He just had a shower, thus, part of his hair was still wet. He didn't expect himself to sleep that long at all.

"It's okay. You are too tired. We were about to wake you up for lunch earlier. However, you were sleeping like a baby, so we didn't do that." Lloyd laughed as soon as he saw Kevin's reddened face.

"Dinner will be ready in a

hough that his guess was right. Duke was already on the verge as well, thus, he asked Kevin to drink with him. His love for Leena was no less than Kevin's after all.

"That's fine. Remember, you owe me this." Duke raised his glass and gently clinked it against his. In fact, there was no eternal hatred between the two. Although he was reluctant to accept the fact that his little sister was married, he knew that Kevin was a man worthy of Leena's love. His sister might be away for now but he believed that Kevin and Leena would eventually get back together.

"I know what I took from you. I will cherish it." Kevin knew that what Duke wanted most was his commitment to Leena, thus, he told him that. He never meant to give up on Leena.

"You have to remember what you said. Don't let me down. I've always been worried about Leena. To be honest, I didn't want her to marry you at first! However, after observing you these days, I think you are the only one who can make her happy. You mustn't hurt her. Although she is gone now, I believe in her love for you. You must be patient until she comes back. I believe that after this, she will become maturer and more suitable to be a soldier's wife." This was the first time Duke had spoken so much to Kevin. It might be all about Leena, but then, it also showed how Duke was slowly getting rid of his bias against Kevin.

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