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   Chapter 1530 Spring Festival (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7790

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"Thank you, Mark," Kevin said a bit indifferently. After taking the food from Mark, he continued, "Happy New Year to you too! Have you eaten yet?" The man smiled and nodded. Earlier today, Mrs. Xu had asked Kevin to have dinner with her family this evening. But as he was on duty, he couldn't leave his post without permission, and had to kindly reject her offer.

"I've already eaten. That's all yours." Just as he was about to leave, Mark turned to add, "They're going to get cold so you should eat them as soon as you can." Although the dumplings were in a thermal container, the weather was very cold this time of the year. Kevin appreciated the simple reminder.

"All right." During this time, the canteen at the army base often served dumplings. Before he got married, Kevin used to have them in the canteen with the other soldiers. This year, however, he wasn't in the mood as it reminded him of his reality.

But he wasn't the only one suffering. While he missed Leena terribly, the latter also experienced an intense longing for her husband.

She had been to different countries these days, enjoying different landscapes and eating at local restaurants. It was easy to keep herself distracted in the day. During the dead of night, however, she was harassed with thoughts of her husband all at once.

As it was the Spring Festival, she made dumplings for herself even when she didn't have the appetite. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she tried to eat some of her cooking. If she were by his side at this moment, they were probably feeding each other dumplings.

Soon, the journey would be over. And when that happened, what would she do then? When would she stop missing him? The idea of never seeing Kevin again tortured her.

Taking out her cell phone, she looked at Kevin's photo. Whenever she moved to a new city, she would preoccupy herself with activities as many as she could. Otherwise, Kevin's face would cross her mind, and that made it difficult for her to stop herself from buying a ticket to go back to him.

As it was currently daytime where she was, that meant it was night back in the city where Kevin was. Curious, she wondered what Kevin was doing right now. Was he having dinner with his family or the soldiers at the moment? Or was he alone like she was? Or, did he already fall in love wi

in the future!'

"He deserves it!" snapped Duke. "He's such an idiot for taking all the duties during the Spring Festival!" With his sister gone because of that man, he couldn't stand hearing his wife put in a good word for him. Duke resented it very much.

"Baby," cooed Belinda at her belly, "look how naive your daddy is!" Duke looked at her. "You mustn't be as naughty as he is, okay?" she continued in a serious manner. The father of the unborn child merely gawked at his beautiful wife.

"Are you sure you want to speak ill of me to my child?" asked Duke through gritted teeth. Because of her pregnancy, he felt like he was a bachelor all over again, and this frustrated him.

"So now you're ashamed of yourself?" challenged Belinda. Her husband scowled. "Look!" She made him look at her. "Why did Kevin take all of the work he could get?" she asked, but Duke wasn't listening anymore. "Because Leena left, and he's sad and dejected." Then Belinda rested a loving hand on Duke's cheek. "Instead of mocking him, we should be comforting him. That's all I'm saying." If she had been in Kevin's shoes, she'd already have gone mental. Thus, Belinda somehow understood what the man was going through. If anyone came home to nothing but a divorce agreement, it was understandable for him to break into pieces. It had been more than two months since Leena's disappearance, and instead of a meltdown, Kevin chose to drown himself in his work. The man, refusing to collapse, was being more resilient and stronger than anyone could in his situation.

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