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   Chapter 1529 Spring Festival (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6873

Updated: 2019-04-14 09:59

Scowling, he said, "Mom, do you really think I'd blame her for this?" Staring at Shannon in the eye, he wondered since when his mother had started to look down on him. It was like she didn't know his own son well enough.

Emotionally exhausted, Shannon took a sip of her warm water. "It's unfortunate news, all right," she remarked. She put the glass of water down. "I just don't understand why she didn't tell us first." As he didn't have the answer, Kevin could only shrug.

"It's a sad thing, yes. I also love kids, but even if she can't get pregnant this instant, maybe it's still possible as soon as her health gets better." She shook her head. "Even if that doesn't happen," Shannon added, "we'll be okay with that. As long as you two are happy together, your father and I won't intervene." Although Shannon was saddened by the news, she had a liberal mind. Leena's problem with having kids might be a bitter pill to swallow, but she was quick to accept it. All she wanted for the meantime was to have Leena come back home.

"You mean," said Kevin slowly, "you won't dislike her even if she can't have a baby, right?" Eyes wide open, he thought it would be more difficult than this to get his mother's acceptance. Apparently, he was mistaken, and happily so.

"Come on, Kevin!" exclaimed Shannon. "Do you think I'm that unreasonable?" Surprised, she stared at her son and felt bad. "She must've been in pain if she thought that way too. Rather than blame Leena, what we should do when we see her is to comfort her. Oh, what a poor girl!" While Shannon wanted to have grandchildren as soon as possible, she simply valued Leena much more.

"Mom," started Kevin, unable to express his gratitude. "Thank you. She might come back, I believe, if she finds out about how we feel about it." Standing up, Kevin leaned over to hug his mother affectionately. Too often, stories of mothers disliking their daughters-in-law could be recounted. Once they found out that the women were incapable of giving them grandchildren, many would force their sons to

t some thought. It was possible.

"I guess you're right," sighed Kevin. "Well, just go ahead and take them. Don't forget this, too." He put Lee's flight ticket on the table. "Enjoy your holiday at home." Wearing a bitter smile, he thought to himself, 'Nana, you can be so kind to people around. I just don't understand how you can be so cruel to me. Do you even know how much you broke my heart when you left?'

"I will, Major General Gu. Will Leena come back soon?" asked Lee with a hopeful expression. Aware of Leena's departure, Lee could only hope for her safe return. He could tell her disappearance was taking a toll on Kevin.

"She will," answered Kevin optimistically. But deep inside, he wasn't so sure. Leena hadn't given him any signs yet. That didn't matter though. Determined to find Leena, Kevin was dead set on showing her his love and sincerity.

It was the saddest and most depressing Spring Festival that Kevin ever had. While others were dining with their families, he only had Leena's photo to keep him company. He missed her dearly.

"Major General Gu," greeted Mark. "Senior Colonel Ouyang asked me to give you these dumplings. Happy New Year!" As Mark had been on leave last Spring Festival, he decided to stay in the army base this year. He felt it was fair to give other soldiers the chance to go home to reunite with their families.

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