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   Chapter 1527 Sensible Side Of Michelle (Part Six)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5666

Updated: 2019-04-14 07:53

"From now on, behave yourself," Luke said brusquely while looking at her one last time. Turning around, he walked into the company premises with Edward without looking back. Luke sincerely hoped he would never have to see or meet Erin ever again. He knew the kind of girl she was and didn't like her one bit.

The moment they stepped into the elevator, Edward turned around to look at Luke, with a knowing smirk on his face. He looked intrigued as he stared at his companion as if there was something interesting on his face. Out of the blue, Luke felt uncomfortable, once he sensed the intensity of Edward's gaze.

"Why are you looking at me that way?" Luke asked while touching his face self-consciously. Was there something on his face? Why was Edward looking at him in such a strange way? It was unnerving!

"I am thinking," he started, and paused. "Has Michelle completely melted you? I've noticed that recently, all you talk about is her. Your life seems to be revolving around your wife now. Don't you notice this about yourself?" Edward knew he was right. He'd known Luke for years but had never seen him acting this way. It was as if being with Michelle changed him, making him softer than usual. But, he was also glad about this change. They made a cute couple. Edward, though, was curious about how Michelle had tamed the cold and stoic Luke.

"Are you really enjoying making fun of me? Why are you being so damn curious?" Luke demanded while rolling his eyes in exasperation. There was nothing new about Edward being nosy like he was now. While Luke had a vague idea what Edward hinted at, he didn't want to humor him with an answer. He was annoyed because he had never been nos

sibility. For now, it was best that Erin avoided her, and this should make both their lives easier. They only had to consider each other as complete strangers to co-exist peacefully.

The fact of the matter was, it was Hilda that benefited the most from this mess. She was once the least popular girl in school because of her figure. But since she was friends with Michelle, people had started talking to her, even sucking up to her, to try and get in touch with Michelle with her as a conduit. Everyone was aware that Michelle had a powerful husband who worked in the famous FX International Group, who was protective of her. They all wanted a piece of Michelle. And approaching Hilda first was a good idea.

It seemed as though Michelle's life had become peaceful once more. But she still felt something missing at the back of her mind, and this would sometimes dampen her spirit. Her life was perfect now -- a promising relationship, good friends, and a place where she could learn to draw. She couldn't ask for more. Yet there was still an emptiness in her heart, probably because not everything was perfect all the time.

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