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   Chapter 1526 Sensible Side Of Michelle (Part Five)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5850

Updated: 2019-04-14 05:27

"Can you at least make her suffer less then? After all, we are still classmates. Though I know she hates me and has done something unforgivable, I really don't want to see her father's company go bankrupt. She'll lose everything and so many innocent people will suffer because of this," Michelle said. She thought about all this in just a few seconds. Michelle was aware this was not something Luke could easily decide on his own. But considering his relationship with Edward, if he was willing to talk to his brother about it, the latter would surely agree.

"Well, I can only promise to try my best. Honestly, this doesn't seem like something that you'd say to me. It's not like you at all. And it was a surprise to me that you're willing to go easy on Erin," Luke pointed out. His wife's change of heart was a definite surprise. And he wasn't sure if it was a good change or a bad one. All he knew was that he felt happy to see a more sensible side of Michelle. It felt like unearthing a hidden facet of her that no one had ever seen, so it made him feel closer to his wife. There seemed to be a lot more things he didn't know about Michelle, and Luke was looking forward to discovering them.

The next day, before Luke had a chance to speak to Edward about what Michelle said to him, they ran into Erin. She had been waiting for them outside the company building. As soon as she saw the two men walking in, she immediately ran to them, her face looking very anxious.

"Mr. Mu, please, please don't let our company go bankrupt. I beg you. Please. I know what I did was wrong, and I will never do anything like that ever again," Erin pleaded. She kneeled before Edward and Luke to block their way. Erin raised her head and looked at them with a

in thought.

"If you don't get up and leave now, you will lose this only chance to save your father's company, too," Edward threatened Erin. While he wasn't sure what Luke was planning, Edward trusted him unconditionally. Given what he said, Edward decided not to contradict him while Erin was still there. He knew Luke must have his reasons for having a change of heart. As long as they were acceptable reasons, Edward would consider it.

"All right. I will do anything you ask me to do, as long as you don't allow my father's company to go bankrupt," Erin said as she stood up. Using the back of her hand to wipe her tears away, Erin didn't seem like the arrogant pretty girl she was in school. She had never once thought that she would one day meet the CEO of the famous FX International Group. Secretly, Erin was impressed by Edward's handsome looks. He was even more good-looking in person, and photos on the Internet did him little justice. But she didn't dare say what she was thinking. Now was not the time to drool over some handsome, rich guy. Erin didn't forget that she was there to plead her case, to save her father's company from going bankrupt.

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