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   Chapter 1522 Sensible Side Of Michelle (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5489

Updated: 2019-04-13 04:16

"Can you at least tell me who I need to see? I only want to save my father's company. Please, I beg you. I treated you wrong all this time, and I am sorry for it. Please forgive me, and help me." The girl standing in front of Michelle was no longer proud and arrogant. Now, Erin was only a girl who badly wanted to save her father's firm. She had to apologize to Michelle, knowing she was probably the only person who could help her. As long as Michelle forgave her, she would be fine. Erin was aware of the consequences of her father's company going bankrupt. Everyone surrounding her and complimenting her was only after her money and status. Yes, she could live a comfortable and happy life now, all because her father made a lot of money. That was how an arrogant and mean girl like her became so popular. If her father became broke, then she would lose everything, and this was the last thing Erin wanted to happen.

"Why didn't you think about the consequences before doing something bad?" Michelle goaded Erin. Yes, Erin had no one else to turn to, and that was why she was willing to throw away her dignity and pride to ask Michelle for help. Michelle knew what would happen if the company of Erin's father went bankrupt. But she felt no sympathy for the girl who had done something so unforgivable against her. But she did feel sorry for the company's employees because they had no idea they were going to lose their jobs.

"I am truly sorry!" Erin cried out. "I know what I did was extremely wrong! I will never do anything like that again, I promise. But please, please help me. I don't know what else to do now. Can't you show some

ad learned her lesson and started to change for the better. But clearly, she was wrong. Erin was still the selfish and mean girl that she was before. She just hid it better now because she needed Michelle's help. It seemed impossible for someone to change personalities overnight.

After finishing her class, Michelle immediately went to her father-in-law's house because Luke had asked her to do so. She happily agreed because the alternative was to stay home alone, which bored her. At least when she was at Edward's house, Michelle would be talking to someone.

"Mom, are you home alone?" she asked Cynthia as soon as she arrived. The house was unusually quiet, which was rare. Michelle looked around and saw her mother-in-law was indeed alone.

"Yes, I'm the only one here. Your father-in-law went to pick up Justin. Maybe they're still somewhere outside playing. They should be back by now. I don't know why they're this late," Cynthia replied with a smile. The woman was simply elegant that each time Michelle saw her, she was always blown away by her mother-in-law's quiet beauty.

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