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   Chapter 1520 A Crush On Her (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8686

Updated: 2019-04-13 03:21

"Do I have to tell you the reason?" Luke asked with a frown. He was too proud to admit that he was enraged because someone tried to hurt Michelle.

"Of course. I need to know the reason. Otherwise, I can't just overthrow a company out of nowhere." Edward leaned back and laced his fingers together smugly. He then shot Luke a teasing glare. He was really interested in what the CEO of Tosca Corporation had done to offend Luke. He had known Luke for many years, but this was the first time Edward heard his friend ask him to overthrow a company.

"Uh... Here's the thing. Last night, Michelle was poisoned by her classmate." Luke bowed his gaze and scratched the back of his head. It was obvious how embarrassed he was.

"What? Are you kidding me? Are the students now that unruly? Oh, let me guess. You detoxified Michelle last night, didn't you? How did the third base feel like?" A cunning smile cracked on Edward's lips. He could easily guess what kind of poison Michelle's classmate had used on her based on Luke's embarrassment. Moreover, he also could tell that Luke had a thing for Michelle now.

"What's worse, the girl who poisoned Michelle doesn't regret what she has done at all. I must teach her a good lesson. Otherwise, she might hurt others in the future." Luke furrowed his brows as he felt that Edward had become more and more interested in asking about others' secrets. Edward wasn't like this before.

"Okay, I'll do as you say. Can you tell me why she poisoned Michelle? Is it out of jealousy or something else?" Edward asked. He also realized that he really liked gossiping about others recently. It wasn't a bad hobby at all. Was he really this bored with his own life?

"Why don't you ask the girl out to have a cup of coffee? I believe she will be glad to share it with you." Luke's face twitched. The situation had been really urgent last night. Thus, he never got the chance to know the whole thing.

"Hey, are you suggesting me ask a girl out? I'll tell Daisy about it and you'll be screwed." Edward cracked a joke with Luke.

"I believe that I'm not the one who will be screwed. If you don't need me for anything else, I'll take my leave." Luke gave him a sly smile. He was happy to see Daisy give Edward a lesson.

"You brat!" Edward cursed through gritted teeth. Since when did Luke dare to make fun of him?

"I've learned that from you, my dear master," replied Luke with a grin.

"Get out!" demanded Edward in frustration. For some reason, he really missed the honest and upright Luke he used to know.

Turning around, Luke curled his lips in satis

lle frowned. She didn't even notice any changes with Luke these days, thus, she really couldn't tell if he did something. Furthermore, he wasn't even talking about the accident anymore. Had he really used the power of FX International Group to overthrow Erin's father's company? Michelle wondered if she should ask Luke about it.

"I will go ask him about it! Let me tell you this, you cannot overthrow my father's company. Not even a chance! Let's wait and see!" The commotion between them had collected attention from their other classmates. They were now staring at them. Erin didn't want them to know that her father's company had a problem. So she decided to let Michelle go for now. Nevertheless, her withdrawal from this argument didn't mean that she admitted her defeat.

"The nerves of her!" Michelle snorted while looking at Erin's receding figure. She wondered whether Erin would really go to Luke. If Erin really did it, she would be definitely screwed as Luke was by no means a gentleman.

"Michelle, your husband looks like a big shot. I heard him say that he would teach Erin a lesson that night. Was it possible that he did something to her father's company?" Hilda asked. She was dying to know Michelle's husband's real identity.

"I have no clue. But I think he's a man of his word." Michelle knew that Luke would not easily change his mind once he decided to do something. She was kind of convinced now that Luke had done something to Erin's father's company for her.

Hilda's eyes widened in shock. She was wondering if Michelle's husband was a rich second generation. However, she seldom had the chance to learn about the upper class circle. Thus, she immediately shook her head to dismiss the thought.

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