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   Chapter 1519 One Step Closer (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7890

Updated: 2019-04-13 01:36

"Don't worry, we'll be home in no time," Luke said softly, turning to fasten Michelle's seat belt. He started the engine and drove away from that place. This might be his most tender act yet. About whether he had caused a stir or what it might lead to, Luke didn't consider at all. His thoughts were consumed by getting Michelle home as fast as possible.

Bradley stood there, still stunned. He didn't come back to reality until Erin and the other girls came out of the washroom.

"Erin, this has you written all over it," Bradley said, smiling coldly. At first, he did look down upon Luke as he thought Luke was just a bodyguard and he couldn't compete with him. Then his father told him that Luke wasn't just a bodyguard but also Edward's father's adopted son. In other words, there was no way he could compete with that.

"So what? I just taught her a lesson." Erin replied, biting her lip. Although she felt restless inside, she didn't care about it too much.

"Anyway, I just want to let you know that you're barking up the wrong tree. Remember what Luke said? I wouldn't wanna be you, right now!" Bradley mocked with a smile. He had a feeling that Luke's revenge would not be simple or swift.

"Trying to scare me?" Erin asked. 'He was pretty big, though. And he looked thoroughly pissed. But surely he wouldn't go that far...' she thought.

"Humph! Just wait and see! You can ask your father about FX International Group. I'm sure he can fill you in." Bradley glanced at her with sympathetic eyes and left quickly. He blamed himself for what had happened just now. He was too careless to let things get this out of hand. He was the class president, and it was his responsibility.

"Ah! FX International Group, the leading business in S city! What should we do, Erin? The CEO doesn't know the meaning of forgive and forget!" one girl said. All of these girls lived here, how could they not know about FX International Group? They were frightened. Edward had a reputation for ruthlessness.

"So what? I've met the president of FX International Group and I know what he looks like. I'm sure that man isn't the president. So you don't need to worry," Erin said, though fear still gnawed at her. 'It can't be true! If it's true, my dad will skin me alive, ' she thought.

"Maybe he's connected with FX. I don't think Bradley would have just tos

se that would either hurt him, or could be used against him.

Michelle woke up, and her body was sore. Looking at the other side of the bed when she opened her eyes, she found nobody there, which made her feel lost.

She thought back on their night of passion and blushed. Then she screamed loudly and blundered into the washroom after glancing at the clock on the table. 'Not again! I'll be late, ' she thought.

But she looked in the mirror. She was ratchet. 'Screw it! I'll stay home today. I can't show up like this. Everyone would talk, ' she thought. 'And that's the last thing I need.'

Thinking about the things Erin had done to her, Michelle squinted her eyes and took on a sinister cast. 'You bitch. You won't get away with this, ' she thought. In this case, she would like to make fun of Erin so that she could understand the feeling of being drugged. Anyway, she always had somebody who would like to do something for her. Wasn't it right?

But Luke was already on it.

"Mr. Mu, how long would it take to devastate Tosca Corporation?" Luke asked seriously in front of Edward.

"Tosca Corporation? That upstart company? What? Someone there pissed you off?" Edward asked out of curiosity, because he had never known Luke to ask him for anything like this.

"You could say that," Luke replied in a matter-of-fact tone. He was totally serious now.

"All right! Give me some time and you'll have your answer. By the way, what happened? This has to be good," Edward said with a teasing smile. He really wanted to know what drove Luke to this point.

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