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   Chapter 1518 One Step Closer (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8197

Updated: 2019-04-13 00:49

"You're violating the law. You know that?" Michelle said, gritting her teeth and managing to fight against the warm stream running inside her. Her face was wet but no one could tell the thing rolling on her face was sweat or water. Her clothes were torn, exposing her bra, making her look even more wild and enchanting. All the girls standing around her whipped out their cellphones and began snapping pics.

"Don't you know? Everything is decided by the rich, and you're just a poor girl. You think that you could enter their world, just by being a mistress to one of them? Every inch of you screams poverty. I can't believe that you are able to sacrifice your body to have a rich life, but I have to admit at least you're working hard at something." Every word came out of Erin's mouth was harsh and sarcastic. It seemed like that she would do anything to crush Michelle under her feet for letting her anger out.

"What makes you think I'm poor? Or a mistress?" Michelle said. She would have slapped Erin except that she felt like she was being eaten by ants. The drug was having its intended effect. 'Bitch! I shouldn't have let you go last time, otherwise we wouldn't be doing this now, ' Michelle thought.

"Don't BS me. You were picked up by a guy in an expensive car. So if you aren't his mistress, do you really think you could be his girlfriend? Just look at yourself. You think a girl like you could nab a man like that?" Erin said, winking at the other girls to bring some boy there.

"She has more of a chance than you," Luke said breathlessly. His tone was cold enough to freeze the air around them.

"Who are you? How did you get in here?" Erin asked angrily, looking in the direction of the doorway. The two girls who were supposed to be lookouts hung their heads in shame.

"I'm Mr. Right. You know, the guy with the car? I'm Michelle's husband," Luke said. For the first time, he volunteered that information. He sounded bold and decisive.

"What? Husband? Are you kidding? How? When?" Erin was bold, with so many people to back her up. Still, she was frightened by this man before her, like he was some devil spawned from Hell.

"She doesn't have anything to prove, and neither do I. The only thing that I know is I'm about to knock that crown off your head, princess," Luke said, walking over to Michelle and folding her into his arms. Fortunately, he grabbed the coat out of his car. That was perfect for him to wrap it

ness." Luke sniffed. 'You're just a kid. Who do you think you are? Don't get in my way, ' he thought to himself.

"Michelle! What happened to her?" Hilda asked in amazement. Before rushing out, Michelle just told her that she went to the washroom. She didn't think this could happen in thirty minutes.

"Sorry. I need to get her back home," Luke said. He knew Hilda because he'd met her before. Knowing she was Michelle's friend, he talked to her politely.

"Wait. Looks like she's high as a kite. Wouldn't a hospital be better?" Bradley said, gritting his teeth. He really didn't want to see Michelle taken away by Luke like this. Moreover, he didn't want to see her loved by someone else.

"This is between me and my wife. Don't worry. Tell Erin she'll be punished. She has my word on that," Luke said. He figured he'd have a leg up if he let people know they were married. He was right.

"What? Your wife? So you and Michelle are --" Bradley asked. He was too devastated to finish his question or step back.

"Yeah. Got a problem with that?" Luke asked. He was jealous of this young boy who had the guts to love and hate. Luke couldn't do that.

"No," Bradley replied, stepping aside. He knew he had no chance with Michelle, especially since she was married.

Michelle had no interest in anything but Luke. She let her guard down and totally counted on him to take care of her since Luke got there. While she was nestling closely with Luke, her hands were moving constantly over him.

Luke sneered and then hurried away with his hands holding Michelle. If he stayed there too long, she would have his shirt off.

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