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   Chapter 1515 Classmate Gathering (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5463

Updated: 2019-04-12 02:33

In the beginning, Michelle was reluctant to join the classmate gathering. But she finally nodded in agreement as Hilda kept pestering her to go. In the whole class, no one wanted to be friends with Hilda, but she really wanted to join the party. So she had no choice but to persuade Michelle to go with her.

At the party, Bradley especially went over to Michelle and sat beside her, which attracted the attention of many people around them, mostly feeling jealous and angry. Erin was especially mad. Michelle could feel her sinister eyes boring into her, and that made her very annoyed.

"Later, put this into the drink of that bitch, Michelle. But make sure that no one sees you." Erin handed a small bottle to a girl beside her stealthily, her menacing eyes glinting with sinister pleasure.

"Huh? What is this? Will it kill her?" The girl asked in fear. It was true that she also hated Michelle, because she had Bradley spellbound. But she dared not involve herself in a murder plot.

"It's nothing serious. It is a kind of medicine that can make her have delusions which will spin her out of control. It's not fatal. You're actually gonna enjoy it! I will find a way to make her move away from her drink later, and you can do it at that time. Remember not to let anyone see you," Erin explained her plan to the girl calmly, thinking of how to make Michelle temporarily leave her seat so they could get the chance to carry out the plan.

"Don't lie to me." The girl was so cowardly that her hand trembled while holding the bottle. She had never done this before.

"What are you afraid of? I'm here and I will bear all the c

o save Michelle from the awkward situation.

"You? Forget it. You know what? I don't have to go right now." Erin looked at Hilda with contempt. She'd rather give up the plan than go to the toilet with this fat loser.

Michelle sneered. She knew why Erin didn't want Hilda to go with her. Erin simply felt ashamed to be seen and associated with someone like her. But it was impossible for Michelle to go with her. First of all, they were not friends. They actually had skirmishes almost every day. And most importantly, she hated having others boss her around, especially someone like Erin. There was still a bit of gangster in her. She should be the one bossing people around.

"Hurry up! We will be going to the karaoke after dinner." Feeling embarrassed, Erin ground her teeth and hurriedly changed the topic. It seemed that it was not a good time to carry out her plan and she would have to wait for another chance, if that ever came along.

"Huh? Wait, are you going with them to the karaoke, Hilda?" Michelle frowned. She had no interest in entertainment places like karaokes.

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