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   Chapter 1514 Classmate Gathering (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5610

Updated: 2019-04-12 01:21

"How was your trip to Paris?" Leaning on the railings of the corridor outside her office, Daisy looked at Kevin with a playful smile. She wondered since when the iron soldier had become so infatuated with a girl. Love was indeed a magical thing, deep, mysterious and unfathomable.

"I knew this would happen even before I went there. I just wanted to have a try. I was prepared for this so it was not that disappointing." Kevin smiled helplessly. He knew that she would make fun of him. She had told him before he set out that as long as Jonathan was involved, he would never let anyone find her. So it would only be a waste of time for him to go to Paris. But he insisted. Even though the chances of him finding her was next to zero, he still wanted to take a walk on the place she once set foot in.

"Don't worry! My father-in-law wouldn't really keep her away forever. Since he said that she was safe, then everything is okay with her. You don't have to feel uneasy with regards to her safety." Daisy also missed her. She always felt something was missing without Leena being around her. And sometimes she also felt empty.

"I know. Yeah, I'm not that worried anymore. I just miss her a little." Was it really a little? Kevin smiled with melancholy. In all honesty, he was missing her wholeheartedly. She completed him and each day that he did not get to spend with her was just torture and agony.

"Missing someone is like tasting a glass of bitter wine, just enjoy! In fact, it is also quite a common knowledge, and you have to devote yourself to mastering it." They had been apart for only one month. What could be more torturing than the six years that she had spent w

er talk with him first. I don't want you to quarrel with each other just because of my issues. That would be really bad." While being apart from Leena, Kevin had learnt a lot of things. He thought that any trouble between a couple would not be a problem to him because he knew what to do and could easily handle it. The biggest issue he had now was that he didn't even have the one who would cause trouble for him. Now that she had gone, he could do nothing but wallow in regret.

"Don't worry about me! You'd better think how to cover it up when your parents start asking about her. I will go to the training ground now." Daisy snapped and stared at him. She felt bad that he worried too much.

Alas! It was indeed a big headache for Kevin. It wouldn't be a problem for his father because in that household, he cared for Leena the least. But what was he supposed to say to his mother? Leena used to often call her. Now a month had passed, but there was not even a message from her. It wouldn't be a surprise if his mother started wondering why. He needed to take some time to talk to his mother about this matter.

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