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   Chapter 1513 In A Foreign Country (Part Five)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6023

Updated: 2019-04-12 01:13

"You and Gerard, huh? Are you guys serious about it?" When Kevin first heard that she was together with Gerard, he was a bit hesitant. He wasn't sure whether he should be glad about it or not. After all, he knew clearly who was really in Gerard's heart. Being a protective brother, he was concerned that his little sister would get hurt.

"Yes, we are serious. We are doing really well together right now." Claire had a sweet smile on her face. Clearly she was happy with her life at the moment. She knew what Kevin was worried about. But Gerard had promised her that he was definitely over Leena and she chose to believe him. She knew that Gerard was a really good guy, and he would never hurt her intentionally. Though she understood that Leena was a great woman who deserved to be loved by someone like Gerard, she knew that she was also good enough for him. She was confident that she would make Gerard fall in love with her one day.

Standing in the same house that Leena had lived in, Kevin felt her everywhere. It seemed that he could glimpse Leena in every corner of this house. But when he looked closely, she vanished in the blink of an eye. He was slowly losing his mind.

Leena had told him that she liked taking a walk along the river Seine under the warm sunlight. She always enjoyed the beautiful scenery, and it freed her mind from everything that was bothering her. There, she could let herself go for once. That was also why he had spent a whole day strolling along the river Seine, hoping to God that he would meet her here. But, much to his disappointment, he had not seen her by the time the sun set.

He had also heard that the Eiffel Tower was a place that lovers frequented, so he went there to try his luck too. But he had no luck. There were a lot of couples there, making

He knew that she wouldn't leave him for good. He trusted their deep love. They had been through so much, and he was sure that Leena wouldn't give up on their love so easily. It was just that he was impatient. He wanted so badly to see Leena's face. As long as he kept waiting for her, she would surely return one day.

"Of course I won't give up on him. It's time for you to get on the plane. Take care, Kevin." Claire couldn't help but become emotional. She could tell how exhausted her brother was right now. His eyes were red. She knew that he was worried sick about his wife, in fact, they all were. When did he become like this? She felt sorry for her brother. 'Leena, where the hell are you? Kevin is about to lose his mind. Please come back.' she silently prayed.

"I know. You take care of yourself too." Kevin hugged his sister tightly one last time, and then he looked around them with disappointed eyes. He still hadn't found Leena, yet. This city was where Leena had lived. Though he had to leave right now, he would surely come back again one day. He would not rest until he knew where Leena was and brought her home. He couldn't live without her, and he had to make sure she knew it.

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