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   Chapter 1512 In A Foreign Country (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5363

Updated: 2019-04-12 01:13

She picked up a photo of him. Seeing his beautiful smile in the photo, she couldn't help but drop a light kiss on his face. She hadn't made contact with him for a month, and she didn't know if he was doing well or not. Was he still the same? Was he still worried about her? Or had he already given up on her and moved on? She had no idea, because she refused to know anything about what happened back in the S City. Only now had she begun realizing how cruel she could be, punishing herself and the ones that she loved so deeply. She had left those who cared for her; her husband, her faithful friends and her brothers.

She was still taking her medicine everyday. Even when she was extremely busy with her work, she had never forgotten to take her medicine for even one day. She was being really harsh on herself. Else, she wouldn't have chosen this way to torture herself. She knew that her actions must have hurt the ones who loved her. But she saw no other choice. She just had to leave that city.

The sun was beaming, and the weather was very pleasant. The Leena of a year ago would surely have enjoyed walking along the river Seine under such agreeable conditions, drinking in the fresh air that belonged only to this beautiful city which she loved. The city was still delightful, and the people here hadn't changed. However, she was not the same. She couldn't enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding her, because her mind was constantly fixated on a certain man.

She missed Kevin constantly. She thought about him often, especially when she was not keeping herself busy. He was constantly in he

here earlier.

"Kevin, here!" Claire shouted, waving her hand to catch Kevin's attention. During the time while Leena was away, she had been helping her brother search for Leena, and keeping this a secret from their parents. But now, it seemed that they could no longer hide the troubling news from their parents anymore. They were already getting suspicious, and lying to them made her very anxious. She really hoped that they could find Leena as soon as possible.

"Claire, you look different. You're all grown up now." Kevin was a lot thinner than he was the last time Claire saw him. Maybe he just missed Leena too much. In missing her he couldn't sleep or eat well without the one he loved beside him.

"Of course I had to grow up. I'm more mature now. I can't let you down, can I? Come on! Let's go. Gerard is outside, he's waiting for us." Claire linked with his arm, walking arm in arm to the airport exit. She had missed her brother very much and was happy to see him, even though the situation was not ideal. She knew that he was here to look for Leena.

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