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   Chapter 1508 Sleeping In The Same Bed (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7728

Updated: 2019-04-11 00:35

Meanwhile, Luke's head and body were still heavy with drink, so his movements were still less precise. Even after he bathed, he still felt a little dizzy. Although it was the first time they had shared a bed, Luke felt no stress and fell asleep quickly. Luke always had a soft body in his arms when he slept that night.

Michelle felt quite toasty and snug tonight, as if there was a warm current surrounding her. The current kept drawing her closer. It was not until she was completely surrounded by it that she smiled and curled up surrendering to its comfortable embrace.

The next day, they were woken up by the shrill tones of the alarm clock. When they both opened their eyes at the same time, they found themselves cuddled up together. Both of them were quite embarrassed and confused.

"Uh... You were drunk last night. I got you this far, but you're a big lug." Michelle reached over and turned off the alarm. She explained nervously that she didn't notice anything different about Luke's clothes.

"I know." Luke didn't stir from the bed because her feet were on his privates, but she didn't seem to know that. He wasn't about to tell her, either.

"Bedtime wasn't really in the plan for last night, but I don't know when I got up." Michelle bit her lip and explained, thinking, 'When did I go to bed? Why can't I remember? Think, girl! Why am I in his arms? He must think I did this on purpose.'

"I know," Luke said, a blush spreading across his face.

"What do you know?" Michelle looked at him blankly and thought, 'Does that mean he won't make fun of me?'

"I brought you to bed," Luke said, thinking, 'When is she gonna figure out she is putting her feet on my junk?''

"So you got up last night? Why didn't I know?" Michelle was a little excited as she said this, so she wriggled her body. And that was when she figured out where her feet were. She was touching Luke's naughty bits, and he was hard. She was so embarrassed that she didn't know whether to move her feet or to act as if she didn't know. In any case, all she wanted right now was to disappear.

"Could you take your feet off me?" Luke bore his discomfort like a Spartan, and whispered to remind her. If she continued to do so, he didn't know what would happen. After all, he was a red-blooded normal guy.


"Uh... You know? Is it that obvious?" Michelle stuck out her tongue in embarrassment.

"What do you think?

One cheek is way swollen. Only a blind person wouldn't know," said Daisy, thinking, 'This couldn't be Luke? That's not like him.'

"Do Dad and Mom know?" Michelle sighed, hoping her parents-in-law wouldn't go off on Luke, blaming him.

"I think they noticed. They're pretty sharp, but that's not the point. How on earth did you get that bruise on your face?" Daisy stared closely at her without giving her a chance to lie.

"God, this is embarrassing. Okay, here is the thing — I got in a fight at school." Michelle smiled awkwardly. Daisy was such a comforting presence, so Michelle didn't have to worry about anything around her. She really enjoyed the way she got along with Daisy.

"You can't do that anymore. You're married, remember?" Daisy was relieved to know that Luke had not hit her. However, she frowned again, worrying about Michelle's behavior. She was not afraid that anyone would hurt the girl. She was afraid that Michelle would hurt other people, and they might use the law to get back at her.

"Chill. It wasn't my fault. They're just a bunch of bullies, and I beat them anyway. If I hadn't fought back, they would bully me. Besides, they're girls too, and I pulled my punches." Michelle understood what Daisy was worried about and that was why she mentioned it. Although Daisy and Michelle weren't in touch very often, Michelle knew that although she looked ice cold, Daisy really had a warm heart.

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