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   Chapter 1507 Sleeping In The Same Bed (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8037

Updated: 2019-04-11 00:35

The bar was a place for people to vent their emotions in every city. Luke wouldn't go out and drink with his co-workers. So this was the first time that he drank with them.

"Mr. Luo, you seem kinda down." People in the security department rarely hung out together, so everyone was in good spirits, except Luke. He sat drinking alone on the other end. They all knew he was a cold fish, but he never behaved like this before.

"I'm fine. Just have fun, guys," Luke said, pouring himself another glass of wine. 'She seduced me first, and then she just ran away. What the hell? I'm no saint. A man can only take so much, ' Luke thought.

The thought of the bruises on her face made him even more depressed, so he looked up and finished his glass.

'She's an excellent scrapper. She grew up that way, and learned how to street fight. So if it wasn't a garden-variety thug, then who did that to her?' Luke thought quietly.

If you never fell in love with someone, you wouldn't know about the heartache. So in a situation like this, you'd be in some kind of never-ending emotional tug-of-war. The game would go on so tortuously long that there could be no winner.

Michelle paced back and forth in the living room. She thought Luke had gone out with Edward, but Maria just came back from his house, telling her the CEO had not gone out today. 'So who did Luke go out with? Why didn't he answer my calls? He's never been this late getting home before. This is too much!' she thought worriedly.

Michelle reached out to touch her red and swollen cheeks, and thought, 'I wouldn't have gotten into it with Erin if I'd known he'd get so pissed. It felt good to vent, but now I've made things worse.'

She was such an impulsive person that she made a mess of her relationships and life. To be honest, she was very insecure about her relationship with Luke now. If they kept ignoring each other like this, their marriage would definitely come to an end.

Michelle had always been decisive in everything else. However, she was very indecisive about her relationship with Luke.

A dazzling light derailed her train of thought. She looked up and ran out happily. 'It's his car!' Michelle thought, 'But where is he? Wouldn't he be driving?'

"I am sorry, Mrs. Luo. Mr. Luo got plastered, so I drove him home." Michelle knew this guy. She knew that Luke thought highly of this man, and that he would send t

ently whispered his name. After making sure that he was sound asleep, she was so tired that she sat straight down on the floor. Staring at the motionless figure on the bed, she held her chin in her hands and thought, 'I wish I could look at you like this all my life.'

Looking at Luke's soft lips, Michelle wanted to kiss him badly. However, she dared not do so and could only imagine what it was like to kiss him. 'This man is my husband. No one will believe this is the first time we have slept in the same bed. But... It's true.' Michelle thought sadly.

Luke woke up in the middle of the night. When he opened his eyes, he still felt dizzy. He felt very thirsty and was ready to get up for a drink. He swung his legs off the bed, and almost hit something — or rather, someone. He saw Michelle sitting on the ground.

Luke looked around and found that he was sleeping in Michelle's room. Surprised, but not angry, he got out of bed and walked carefully around her. Looking at the sleeping Michelle, he hesitated, then gently gathered her in his arms, lifted her into bed, and covered her with a quilt.

After carefully finishing all this, Luke crept downstairs to pour himself a glass of ice water and then went upstairs for a hot bath. As he prepared to return to his room, he stood between his and Michelle's, feeling very hesitant. Finally, he found the courage to return to Michelle's room. He stood in the room looking at her quietly for a few minutes, and then went quietly to bed. Though they slept in the same bed, they clung to opposite sides with a gaping empty space between them.

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