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   Chapter 1505 The Fight (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6396

Updated: 2019-04-11 00:25

"Oh yes," Michelle said through clenched teeth, "I forgot that your father is a member of the school board." She was forced to stand up. It was widely acknowledged that they lived in a daddy-is-the-key society. And Erin knew how to use her daddy's name to get whatever she wanted. Michelle sighed and slowly got up to face Erin's wrath. She thought, 'Is Erin some kind of gangster? Why is she so hellbent on violence?' Erin never missed an opportunity to pick a fight with her. If nothing else, her persistence deserved some appreciation.

"Stop! Just calm down! Why do you want to fight again?" Hilda screamed, trying to get across to the girls. She was trembling already.

"You stay out of this," Erin yelled at Hilda, "We didn't fight it out last time. Today, we have to decide the winner. Only one of us can survive in this campus!" Ever since Michelle's arrival, Erin had had nothing but misfortune. What was worse, Michelle had even threatened her in the bathroom. She had long wanted to avenge herself, but Bradley had warned her not to. Today she had to take advantage of his absence to find her footing.

"You're being over-confident again," Michelle warned, as she reached out and easily seized Erin's hands. A delicate girl like Erin could never beat her.

"Count us in," a girl shouted from behind Erin. Her loyal lackeys started forming a circle around Michelle, ready to attack her at Erin's signal. 'Do they really think that they can win with superior numbers? How naive.'

Michelle exhaled and responded with a sneer. 'Fine. They want a fight? I will give them the fight of their lifetime, ' Michelle thought. Michelle wasn't one to shrink back from a scuffle.

Hilda watched in horror as the girls surrounded them. "Michelle, let's run! We can't defeat them! We're outnumbered!" Hilda was almost in tears. As Erin's lackeys drew closer and closer, she could hear her heart pound in her

lenge for her.

"Erin, she must have used some trick. She's a witch. How did she run away so easily?" One of the girls stammered and stared at Michelle furiously. She was hit so hard that she had a lump on her head.

"Shut up! She's not a witch! Don't talk rubbish. She did some trick. That's all." Erin rolled her eyes at the girl.

"Michelle, are you okay?" Hilda came running to her side. "My god! Your face is swollen!" Hilda screamed and reached to touch her face.

"I'm all right. Don't come near me till this is over," Michelle said, as she grimaced. She had gotten careless and got punched while she was completely unprepared.

Erin looked at the girls, who were all hesitating to approach Michelle now. "Why are you all just standing like stones? Don't you want to pay off the old scores?" Erin snapped at them, without worrying that their fight might attract other students. This area was far away from the study building, so generally no one came here. Even if some students passed by, they would just walk away from the things that didn't concern them. They were wise and knew that they had to play safe when Erin was involved, or else they would be expelled from the school. Money talked in this society, and everyone had to yield to those who had it.

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