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   Chapter 1504 The Fight (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6234

Updated: 2019-04-11 00:24

Michelle was shocked. Did Luke like her? She didn't understand what was going on in his head. And she couldn't ask him either.

Luke drove the car faster in his anger and disappointment. He regretted telling Michelle that. He shouldn't have.

When they reached home, he parked the car in the garage. When he was about to get off, Michelle said, "Luke, forget what just happened. You don't have to force yourself to make any change in our life. If it's forcibly done, it won't last. I won't beg for your love. Just be yourself and don't take my complaint to heart. We're good now, right?"

"Yeah, as you wish," Luke said through clenched teeth and slammed the car door. He had finally managed to make up his mind, and now, Michelle was asking him to give up instead.

Luke walked away from the car, without bothering to wait for her. She looked at his straight back and thought, 'This is for the best'. Michelle didn't want to force Luke to do something that he didn't want. She loved him, so she was willing to give up her dignity and cater to him. She would have left long ago if she didn't love him so much.

The relationship between the two didn't change after their first kiss. However, Luke's eyes often wandered and settled down on her sadly.

He thought that he wouldn't feel the pain if his feelings were burned to ashes, but he had underestimated their power to corrode the body and the mind. They had eroded his brain and his thought processes, leaving him with no place to hide.

"Michelle, I heard that a cool sports car came by to pick you up the other day," Hilda said, nonchalantly. After what had happened last time, Hilda didn't want to intrude Michelle's privacy, but there was a gossip going around the campus. It was a rumor that Michelle was a home wrecker, and her reputation had been greatly damaged. It was worse than before.


about you!" Erin yelled, exasperated. She didn't realize she had fallen into Michelle's trap.

"Ha-ha!" Hilda laughed out loud in an instinct, but then immediately ceased her laughter when Erin angrily stared at her.

"You know yourself so well. Good for you," Michelle said, not even bothering to hide her smug smile.

"You freaking bitch! How dare you make fun of me? Haven't you learned your lesson yet? This time I will tear your insolent mouth apart!" She was irrevocably depressed when Bradley had warned her to keep her distance from Michelle. She felt like she had lost him to her. She had been waiting for an opportunity to get back at her and finally, today she was going to vent all her anger on her. And to make things easier for her, Bradley wasn't at school. So she could do whatever she wanted and nobody would stop her.

"I think it's better to drop the idea. Although this is a remote area, we will still be punished if we fight here," Michelle said, lazily leaning against the tree trunk. It looked like her peaceful afternoon was coming to an end.

"Humph!" Erin scoffed, "You are the only one who is going to be punished today." Erin ran to Michelle and grabbed a lock of her hair, and her lackeys followed her.

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