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   Chapter 1503 An Involuntary Kiss (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6888

Updated: 2019-04-11 00:14

"You know, I thought I'd be okay with it. I didn't care whether you loved me or not, I just wanted to be with you, so I could love you with all my heart. I thought it would be enough, as long as I could keep you with me," Michelle continued. "But how wrong I was! Over time, I found it hard to give without getting anything in return. I have become tired and frustrated when my love for you did not get the reciprocation it deserved. So I tried to please you, hoping that I could get through to your heart. But it was yet another daydream, Luke. No matter how hard I tried, whatever I did, you just wouldn't appreciate me or what I do! I feel degraded begging for your love. But I beg you again, Luke, could you please care a bit more for me? I am not asking for much, just stop looking at me with coldness in your eyes. Be a bit more gentle with me, and I'll be happy with it." Michelle cried her heart out, almost hysterically. And this time, she did not hold back despite what Luke might think.

"I'm so sorry," Luke muttered. He never knew what was in her heart before, and he was shocked to learn just how she actually felt, especially after all those things that he had said and done to her. He knew that he was deliberately making her give up on him and leave him. He had been refusing her, turning her down, and insulting her in the most cruel way possible. He knew that it would upset her and discourage her, but he never thought that he got so bad that it would break her heart. She seemed all careless and easy-going that he never thought that there was a fragile and sensitive girl behind that strong facade. Now he felt like the world's biggest asshole for failing to see all that.

"Is that all? You're sorry? You know what, Luke? I don't need an apology. Like I said earlier, all I want is for you to care for me a bit more. Acknowledge me. Look me in the eye like a normal person, maybe see me as your wife. Is that so hard to do?" Through her tears she looked at him, looking all soft and delicate.

Luke looked at her without a word. Then,

r smile belie it.

"I've got nothing to say if you want to look down upon yourself. All I want to say is, the kiss just now was a subconscious and spontaneous reaction. I did it with no agenda, I was simply following my heart," Luke said calmly. Even though he was giving an explanation, he remained a cool guy, and no one could see any shame on his face.

"Really? Are you serious? " Michelle asked delightedly, her hope being restored. She turned to look at his handsome profile, this time with rekindled fire and with confident expectation. It was hard to believe what she heard but she heard it clearly.

"Yes. But of course, you can choose not to believe me. After all, for the most part, I have been nothing but the source of all your pain," Luke answered. It was now his turn to feel disappointed. He had never expected that his first love confession was questioned. How tragic!

"So I can trust you now? Is this all real?" This came as a real surprise, and Michelle just couldn't believe it.

"Don't you question me again, or I will tell you that it's all but in your dreams." Luke turned to glare at her. What was wrong with her? Were his words not convincing enough? Well, he had been a dick to her ever since they met. This was a whole new Luke. Who knew that there was a caring and sensitive side to his otherwise cold personality? Certainly not him.

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