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   Chapter 1502 An Involuntary Kiss (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5839

Updated: 2019-04-10 01:52

"Listen. If I'm not mistaken, your so-called boyfriend doesn't love you, is that true?" His words touched Michelle's sore spot and further destroyed her dignity like a crumbling empty snail shell. She was stunned, but quickly came to herself again.

"What makes you think that?" She said after taking a deep breath. From Michelle's point of view, he was telling the truth. But she was unwilling to show her pain or sorrow, so she asked the question calmly, wanting to know his opinion from an observer's opinion.

"I saw the way he looked at you, and I didn't see love in his eyes. Of course, it's only my personal opinion, it might be one-sided and even radical, but I trust my intuition," Bradley said confidently. In order to win her heart, he thought it a must to put his rival down with words first.

"Yeah, you are right," Michelle said with a casual air. "It's only your personal view. Unfortunately, you are wrong. We are very much in love, you can be sure of that." Michelle smiled contemptuously. But however confident and satisfied she seemed to be, her heart was bleeding. She feigned happiness, but her heart was suffering, choking inside.

"Fine. Here is a very simple question: If he really cares about you, how come I never see him pick you up after school?" Bradley pressed on, raising his eyebrows. He was sure that he could creep in under her defenses bit by bit.

"Michelle, over here." Just then, Luke's voice came from not too far away. The moment he saw Michelle appear at the gate, he got out of the car to greet her. However, he never expected that the over-sized boy he met days ago was again with her. Michelle was right, Bradley was the one pestering her. The look of delight faded from Luke's face, and he put o

aring that she would get too emotional and jump out of the car even while it was still moving.

"Tell me, Luke, is this supposed to be funny? You always say and do things to hurt my feelings," Michelle blurted. "Why? So what do you think of me? A wife only in name who is just your toy, am I right? You would tease me whenever you want and toss me aside like a piece of trash when you don't need me. No, I'm less than a toy. You might look at a doll once in a while, but what about me? You won't even bother to look at me!" Michelle suddenly broke into tears. She was so frustrated that she fell apart and wept in the car, and it was the first time that she acted this way in front of Luke. She had been repressing her emotions all this time, and she couldn't bear it anymore. So she gave way to a flood of tears without caring whether she was making a scene.

"I..." This was also the first time that Luke had to deal with a crying woman, and he was at a loss. Should he comfort her? Should he do nothing until she calmed down? He quickly pulled off the road, but didn't unlock the doors of the car. He just looked straight ahead as Michelle wept and sobbed.

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