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   Chapter 1498 Luke's Changes (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6824

Updated: 2019-04-10 00:38

"Not what I think? And how do you know what I'm thinking?" Luke took off his glasses and glared at Michelle. He would not have grown so angry if he hadn't heard what Hilda had said.

To make things worse, Hilda interfered again, "Please don't be angry, Michelle's brother. It's my fault. I've called her out for shopping. Don't get angry at her. I'm the one to be blamed." Hilda was flustered. She hadn't expected that her plan would cause such a terrible trouble. She regretted it now. She should never have lied to Michelle. And now, the situation had become a total mess. Michelle was pissed off at Bradley, and her brother was angry at her.

Luke gritted his teeth at Hilda's words again. Michelle quickly said, "You have nothing to do with this, Hilda. Why don't you go back now?" Michelle blinked her eyes at her, hoping she would understand. Honestly, she was so tired of all the farce.

"But..." Hilda was worried about her. She was hesitant to leave.

"Just go." Michelle shook her hand, signaling her to leave quickly. Hilda's reactions were so slow. She hadn't even felt that something was not right from the way they were talking and still thought that Luke was her brother. And Bradley... He was arguably one of the brightest students their school had ever had. He should have been smarter than her! But he was just tagging along with Hilda and making the situation worse.

"And you. Go back, please." She did not want him to stay there and cause more trouble for her. She raised her brow and gave him a knowing look.

"I..." Bradley looked at Michelle and then at Luke. He then looked at her again. He had a feeling that they were not siblings. They looked more like a couple! And if that were the case, there was no way he would leave! He had said earlier that he would like to compete with that man! He would be a coward if he ran away now.

Michelle glared at Bradley as he stood rooted to the spot. She said angrily, "Fine, you can stay here. We're leaving." Michelle reached out to take Luke's hand. But he avoided

going back with us?" Although Edward was talking to Michelle, his eyes were fixed on Bradley. He was a young, handsome man.

"Not yet. I'll go back by myself later." Luke had not asked her to go with him and she felt a bit frustrated.

"Okay, how about this? Luke, you stay here and accompany Michelle for a while. I'll go back by myself," Edward said. When he said he'd go back by himself, he didn't mean that he'd go back alone. He had several of his men protecting him. He wanted to leave Luke behind because he had sensed something off about the situation. If he had to guess, he would say that Michelle had come out to see this young man and Luke had come across them here. Edward felt strange while he was picking up the present for Daisy. Luke had come here with him, but he was suddenly nowhere to be seen. And it turned out that he had come here to 'greet' them.

Michelle didn't want this awkward conversation to go on any longer, so she said, "That's all right, I guess I'm done here anyway. I'll go back with you." She wondered how she was going to explain about Bradley to Luke. She did not have the emotion to go shopping after all of the chaos. She just wanted to go back home.

"Good. Then, let's go!" Edward ignored Bradley completely. He was an arrogant man and wouldn't easily talk to unfamiliar people, let alone a boy like Bradley.

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