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   Chapter 1495 Michelle's Changes (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6309

Updated: 2019-04-09 03:04

"Bradley, why do you have to humble yourself in front of a woman like that? She can't even hold a candle to me! Why do your eyes only see her?" Erin asked, showing up from nowhere. She glared at Michelle's receding figure with burning eyes. If eyes could kill, Michelle would have been murdered thousands of times.

"You won't understand me. That's because you haven't met someone who makes you want to be humble, someone that you are willing to do everything for." Bradley was also a little confused by himself now. At the very beginning, he had just wanted to teach Michelle a lesson. He had been insulted as she hadn't fawned on him like the others girls. But now, he had developed a special feeling for her, and he hadn't had this kind of feeling before. He hated it but he couldn't do anything about it. Could he?

"Oh my god! Are you saying that the great and handsome Bradley, Greek god of this school, who could have any girl he wants, has fallen in love with that rat, Michelle?" Erin asked sarcastically. She looked confident on the outside, but deep inside, she prayed that Bradley would deny it, and that he just wanted to make fun of Michelle, instead of falling for her.

"It's none of your concern! By the way, I must remind you not to make trouble for Michelle from now on. Otherwise, I won't let it pass. You know how I punish those who disobey me, and you won't be willing to give it a try."

Bradley cast a warning glance at Erin and flashed an evil smile before leaving.

Erin stood frozen and startled. 'Did he just admit that he has a thing for that slut? Then what about me? I've been going after him for almost half a year! Why is a poor woman like Michelle able to attract his attention? No matter how hard I've tried, he just ignores me. Damn that woman! I wish she had never come to this school!' she thought.

Ever since Bradley made his statement in pu

s so not you." Luke was a little moved, thinking whether she had done all of this because of him. She went to learn painting to be more educated and refined, and also learned cooking to make him delicious food.

"Well, I have a new role as your wife now. So I need to change. I used to be a gang member. Now I want to improve myself in various aspects," Michelle said with a bitter smile. She wanted to develop herself, to be a woman good enough to deserve Luke. Even if he still did not love her, at least she had tried her best. And she would keep trying until she no longer had the strength to try.

"Uh... Sorry... I didn't mean it that way," Luke apologized with a frown. He remembered what harsh words he had said to her, but he hadn't meant it that way. He had just been talking in frustration.

"I know you didn't mean to hurt me, but what you said was all probably true. I know my identity as a gang member has dishonored you. But I am trying hard to improve myself. And I feel really sorry for having pestered you in the past. Now I realize how annoying I was at that time." Michelle made a sincere apology to Luke, which moved the latter. The sincerity showed on her face made him notice that something was different about her this time. .

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