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   Chapter 1491 Playing Hard To Get (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5873

Updated: 2019-04-09 02:07

Michelle sighed in defeat. "Okay." She quickly got in the car. She glanced in Luke's direction while fastening her seat belt. It was strange having Luke willingly drive her to school. A surreal feeling indeed. She couldn't help but wonder why he was doing this. Usually, Luke couldn't care less about what she was up to as long as she didn't return to her family. Now, even as he was obviously reluctant, he still came and made her get into his car.

"I just don't get it. You have a car yourself. Why don't you just drive to school?" Luke asked, confused. Why Michelle didn't want to use the car, he couldn't understand. It would have been a more convenient option for her.

"I'd rather not draw attention to myself by driving a car," she said, shrugging. "So it's better to go by public transportation. Besides, it's kind of liberating getting there by bus." Michelle withdrew her gaze from him. Maybe she had mastered controlling her feelings, she wasn't sure, but she just didn't feel excited being in the same car as Luke. It felt like a long time ago since she first met him. His cold and cruel attitude made her lose the feelings she had for him. Though her heart remained somewhat bitter, she was no longer easily influenced by him. It wasn't the same as before anymore.

"In fact," continued Luke in an indifferent tone, "You can ask our driver to send you to school. I rarely use him anyway." He watched the road the entire time he spoke. Not a single glance was spared at her, and his face remained as cold and emotionless. It wasn't like he was talking to his wife at all. If someone saw them, they would think they were complete strangers. For a while, Luke wore an unreadable expression.

"I guess I'd better not bother him. Commuting is

out us or our relationship, just tell me. No need to be all secretive about it," Luke turned the steering wheel, and stopped the car by the corner that she told him. He should be happy about this, shouldn't he? He got what he wanted. Luke had demanded her to keep some distance from him, and now that she did, he felt uncomfortable. Almost like he wanted to take back his word. He didn't appreciate being kept a secret. He realized that it made him feel like she was ashamed of him. Despite knowing that it wasn't the real reason, he couldn't help but have his thoughts wander around, only to be unhappy once he came across some negative thoughts.

"Ha! Luke, you know what? You're being ridiculous right now. You were the one who told me that I'd better not have any unrealistic feelings towards you. And now that I'm finally over you, you're bummed out about it?! It's like whatever I do, you always find something wrong about it." Michelle chuckled bitterly. Luke always set the rules for her. And she, being the obedient wife, always did whatever he wanted her to do. What more could he ask of her? She really couldn't understand the man sitting beside her at all.

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