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   Chapter 1485 Be Honest With Each Other (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8760

Updated: 2019-04-08 01:13

"Are we going to sleep in the same room?" Patricia asked nervously as she bit her finger. She was sitting on the bed and God knew how fast her heart was beating just by gazing at the man before her.

"So what? We're married. What's wrong if we sleep in the same room?" said Tom as he unbuttoned his shirt one by one. It seemed that he didn't even care that Patricia was there at all. He was too casual as if stripping before her was the most natural thing to do.

"Oh! Okay! Are you going to change?" Patricia looked away. There was this mixture of awkwardness and warmth that was crawling her skin. Yes, she might be a straightforward person but that didn't mean that she was shameless enough to watch this handsome man undress before her. Thus, she said, "Let me walk out of here for a while. I'll go back into the room once you're done."

Those timid words made Tom frown for a second. He never thought of a person as bold as her to be this shy. "Seriously, Patricia? Is that even necessary? Haven't you seen me naked already?"

"Nonsense. I've never seen you naked, okay?" countered Patricia as her face blushed at once. She felt her neck went stiff as she dared not to look at Tom.

"You mean you want to see it again?" Smiling wickedly, Tom suddenly stepped closer to her and bent over to examine her beautiful face. He was obviously enjoying this. He couldn't even explain why her bashfulness was turning him on.

"Uh... No, I'm fine. I'll go downstairs and get some water." Patricia swallowed and then hurried out of the room as if a monster was chasing after her. Nevertheless, her steps automatically halted at the moment when she stepped out of the door. 'Wait! Haven't I been imagining him to do such long ago? Tom is now showing me his naked body for free! Why would I refuse? I'm such a fool, ' she thought.

Meanwhile, Tom smiled quietly and didn't mind that she just walked away. He then went into the bathroom. He was aware that it could take time for people to get used to something. Thus, he decided to give her time to adapt to him. Frankly, regardless of how much he loved that woman, he needed time to get used to her too. Suddenly living with someone was such a new phase to him as well anyway.

Long minutes had passed but Patricia still hadn't come back to their room. She said she would just drink water. Tom found it weird but then ignored it. Instead, he went straight into the study room. He simply didn't have time to spend with her since he got a lot of difficult cases to study.

Moreover, Tom was afraid that his friends might play a trick on him once they found out that he go

irs before deciding to go back to their room. A long sigh escaped her chest upon seeing that Tom wasn't in the room. She trudged towards their bed in relief and started to relax. Although she was not familiar with the place, the smell of Tom in bed gave her a certain peace of mind. Who could have thought that they would marry? Nonetheless, she was positive that things would be alright. She didn't know how many difficulties would be ahead of them but she knew that they would be able to solve them as long as they loved each other.

Unlike other men's bedrooms, Tom's room was exuding simple luxury. Every inch of it was highlighting his personal taste and fashion sense. However, Patricia thought that his room was dominated by cold tones with no warmth. The warmth of a particular place was the most important thing that women cared about. Tom's place was simply lacking it. Thus, it made Patricia a little uncomfortable.

There were a lot of things going through Patricia's head as she lay wide awake. She was getting jitters with the thought that she and Tom were going to sleep in the same bed. The feelings he stirred in her were still lingering all over her body. She didn't know if they would have the same passion tonight but she hoped that they would. She missed how his lips made trails against her skin. How he kissed every inch of her and how he claimed every part of her body.

Patricia's face instantly turned red upon realizing her train of thoughts. Thus, she looked even lovelier.

She was still stuck on the bed when Tom came in. His eyes landed on the stunning woman on his bed. Her white skin and long legs immediately had his heart skipping a beat. However, he soon recovered and approached her with fake composure.

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