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   Chapter 1484 I Miss You But You Don't Know (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6555

Updated: 2019-04-08 01:13

Leena glanced at her watch. It was time for her to take her medicine. Although she had left Kevin, she still insisted on taking the medicine to treat her body. She was unintentionally making an effort, like she was still harboring some hope in her heart. The medicine was bitter, and more disgusting, than the last one she took. Yet she controlled her urge to vomit, and forced herself to take it all in.

Paris was a city she couldn't be more familiar with. Choosing to hide here didn't make her feel lonely. In fact, it helped as she had several things to keep her mind busy. And being busy kept her from becoming lazy. The only inconvenience was that she had to be under a disguise at all times to avoid being recognized. Aware of the likelihood that her family and friends hired some private detectives, she had to be very careful to avoid exposing herself. Although Edward's father sent some people to protect her, it couldn't hurt to take extra precaution.

Looking at the thick, black concoction, Leena bit her lower lip in deep thought. Finally, she mustered all the courage she had and drained all of it in a single gulp. The bitterness lingered in her tongue, just like the bitterness she had in her heart. It seemed like the taste wouldn't come off her tongue.

Kevin's stomach dropped all of a sudden, as if he felt Leena's experience and it made him worry. It had already been a month. He had assumed that Leena wouldn't be able to handle the pain of being apart from him. But no. After waiting for her to come back this whole time, nothing changed. He seemed to have gravely overestimated his importance in her heart for she was still nowhere to be found.

He tore up the divorce settlement in anger. The letter she left for him was stored in the locker of his desk. It recorded both her love and cruelty towards him. Every time he missed her, he would take it out and read it again. He would stare at it longingly, as if he could see her writi

t by the family!

"Bye!" said Kevin, neither admitting nor denying. He merely gave out a simple response, got into his car, and then drove away. He didn't want to waste much of his time on her at all, not for another second.

'Damn it!' she thought, stomping her foot. Louisa walked out of the army base swiftly, hoping that her presence wasn't reported to his father. Otherwise, there would be terrible consequences waiting for her at home.

Kevin had gotten used to days with warm dinner waiting for him at home. But now, with Leena gone, there was nothing but darkness welcoming him. Although it had been a month now, he still couldn't accept the reality. He always imagined that Leena would come out from somewhere in the house, look at him with a bright smile, and then leave a gentle kiss on his face. He would be extremely glad if that happened.

"Most of the time, I miss you, but you don't know it," he said quietly to himself, swallowing back what seemed to be lodged in his throat. Wherever he looked, he would see Leena. The cute her, the wronged her, or the lovely her. He missed all different versions of her. But whenever he reached out to touch her face, to hold her in his arms, she would disappear into the thin air. His heart hurt so much as if it was going to break at any time.

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