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   Chapter 1481 Yes I Do (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6638

Updated: 2019-04-07 03:07

She had worked so hard on her homework and now it was gone. She was extremely furious. She had to hand in the homework on Monday. Now she had no choice but to draw a new picture. Even if she tried to remember all the details in her former painting, it wouldn't be the same as the original which was done by looking right at the scenery in person. She was in a fret because she couldn't have a good sleep tonight even though she was exhausted. But she really didn't want to move now. She only wanted to lie in bed and close her eyes.

Michelle pulled at her hair in despair. If Erin was right in front of her now, she would definitely punch her in the face and shave her bald. Then she would see how Erin could show off with her swollen face every day. She was doing her best not to show her true gangster colors but if a bitch like Erin would push her to the edge, she would gladly give her a taste of her fist.

"What are you doing? Are you hurting yourself now?" Luke crossed his arms and leaned against the door, smiling playfully as he watched her tear at her hairs and scream inwardly in frustration.

"Oh! Well, what are you doing here?" Michelle hurriedly smoothed her hair which was in a mess. She felt very embarrassed of being caught acting like she was possessed by the devil.

"Well, I just heard some strange noises coming from your room, so I came here to check if anything is wrong." Luke snorted and then turned around. He was about to leave.

"Luke, can you spare several minutes for me?" Michelle asked abruptly. She suddenly found a new subject that she wanted to paint for her homework. Forget the mountain scenery.

"What?" Luke stopped and said shortly, not willing to waste any words.

"Can you be my model?" Michelle pleaded while biting her nails.

"Pfft. What makes you think that I'd agree." Luke snorted and refused her without hesitation.

"Why not?" Michelle didn't want to give up. She had only one day left and she was desperate.

"You wil

. She didn't know why. He should have at least used classier examples.

"Okay, I say yes. Yes! I do!" Patricia said firmly, as if fearing that she would regret the next second. She spoke with curt finality and told herself that there was no going back. This was it!

"Yes? Yes! Great! There must be a wedding ceremony! You agree with this, right?" Tom looked at her. It was his mother's wish to have a wedding ceremony for her son, and he would finally be able to fulfill it.

"Yes of course, but can we wait until Leena comes back?" She couldn't imagine her wedding without Leena by her side. Leena was her BBF and her absence would be a big regret in her life. She would be happy in this marriage and surely she wanted Leena's blessings. In fact, she wanted Leena to be her maid of honor.

"I agree. She is my sister and I also want her to be there on the biggest day of our life." Tom used 'our' instead of "my" in his words. It clearly showed that from the moment Patricia said yes, he bound her to him and would never let her go.

A marriage was settled without a matchmaker's help or their parents' permission. What would await them? What would their married life be like? Were they going to be happy in this marriage or not? It would all depend on how hard they were willing to work for it, to fight for it.

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