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   Chapter 1480 Yes I Do (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7594

Updated: 2019-04-07 02:45

"How about your drawing and painting skills? Have them improved? Are you able to keep pace with your classmates?" As Michelle just joined the course in the middle, unless she was really gifted in this area, she had to study twice as hard as the others.

"There are still gaps and a lot of things to learn. But I am trying my best to catch up." In front of Daisy, Michelle was still the girl that she had seen the first time they met. Her humble and graceful manner made Daisy feel very comfortable.

"Come on! One day you may become a famous painter and that will bring honor to our family." Daisy patted on her shoulder and gave her some encouragement. Then her attention shifted to the man who walked in. Her eyes softened at the sight of him.

"Oh please! Daisy, don't make fun of me. I'm far from being a painter, let alone famous painter." Michelle also noticed Edward who just came in, but she couldn't see Luke anywhere. She was having a conversation intently with Daisy but inside her head were echoes of her own voice looking for him and questioning why he wasn't around.

"If you put enough effort and even sacrifice for it, you will get close to your goal. We both know that it is not completely impossible for you to achieve that, isn't it?" Edward said lazily. He embraced Daisy into his arms and stole a passionate kiss on her lips. He did it so casually, not caring about Michelle's presence. It would have been a ruckus if Justin was also here.

"What are you doing? Michelle could see what you're doing!!" Daisy said as she pushed him away. She stared at him with her face blushed all over. She acted like she didn't like it but she felt otherwise.

"Oh Please! It's as if I am not even here! You may continue, I'm okay with it." Michelle laughed a little. It was true that she envied them, but she also knew that Luke would never be so amorous to her like Edward was to his wife.

"They already took you as if you are invisible even if you didn't say it. So Aunt Michelle, you now know how bad I feel, being left out of this game that they like to play by themselves! Poor me!" Justin walked into the house, his innocent face looking upset.

"Justin, what did you say? Poor you? What made you think that there is a poor you?" Edward stared at h

ce made him feel mildly weird and uncomfortable. But he didn't take it to heart. He shook his head and walked into the house.

Michelle touched her nose. It still hurt. But she had never expected that he would be gentle to her. She shook her head helplessly and then followed him into the house.

After a warm bath, she began to organize her sketches. But it was strange that she couldn't find the landscape painting she intended to hand in to the teacher the next day. She became very anxious. She looked for it all over the house but couldn't find it anywhere.

There could be no way that it could go missing! She remembered clearly that she had put it in the picture book and it was impossible not to have brought it back. She sat on the bed and began to think what could have gone wrong, trying to retrace when she saw it last. Why couldn't she find it?

Oh shit! It was that damn Erin! Then the memory of seeing Erin in her room the other day flashed in her mind, and Michelle went ballistic. She had put up with her and let her go over and over again, but she didn't expect that the bratty bitch would go further and cross the line. She felt strange that time, when Erin unexpectedly appeared in the room she shared with Hilda during the trip that day. She had no business being there because she did not get along with neither Michelle nor Hilda. Now she realized what she had been up to. 'Huh! Just wait till Monday when I see you in school. You are really gonna get it, you slut!' Michelle thought.

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