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   Chapter 1479 Yes I Do (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7225

Updated: 2019-04-07 01:35

"Why?" Erin continued to pester him. She would not give up until she got what she wanted.

"You'd better stop asking. I don't want to embarrass you and break your heart," Bradley said as he raised his eyebrows. Although he was saying this to Erin, his eyes were fixed on Michelle. It was the first time for him to have been turned down by a woman and it was not acceptable. He needed to know the reason why Michelle didn't want to be in the same group as him.

"Is it because of that bitch, Michelle?" Erin turned her head to Michelle and shot daggers at her. She thought that Michelle was held to be the most culpable.

"Erin, watch your mouth. Don't push me to resort to violence!" Growing up with gangsters, dirty words were nothing new to her. But what she hated the most was when some people spat 'bitch' whenever they were displeased. It was insulting.

"Huh! Who do you think you are? Don't you know whom you are talking to, here? Just admit it, you are a bitch!" Biting her lips, Erin wanted to show Michelle who she really was. She was about to throw a tantrum. But Bradley was in front of her and she didn't want him to see her ungraceful side. She had no choice but to suppress the anger in her and act graciously.

He watched all this silently, with a playful smile. Actually, the more he knew about Michelle, the more he became interested in this newcomer.

"Are you happy with what's happening now?" Michelle was annoyed. She really wanted to rip that smile off his face. The mischievous and playful look on his face disgusted her.

"If I say yes, what are you going to do? Are you going to beat me up?" Bradley stopped smiling. He already knew the answer from her eyes which glowed with fire.

"Beat you up? I'm not that bold. I don't want to become the target of all the hate from the girls." Michelle turned around and walked away, not caring whether Bradley followed her or not.

"I have a feeling that you hate me." Bradley quickened his pace to catch up with her. Erin was pissed off, seeing that Bradley and Michelle completely ignored her.

"I neither hate you nor like you. You're just a normal citizen to me." Michelle frow

on when finally conquered. And Michelle's cold attitude towards him only ignited his eagerness to win her heart.

The trip lasted for a week. Every day, Michelle missed Luke and anticipated that he would send her messages or call her. She was hoping that he would miss her too. But there was nothing. Not one ring nor one message came, not even a single emoji. When Michelle finally arrived home, she felt that the past seven days had passed like a dream.

Everything was so familiar back home, the familiar flavor, the familiar furniture, but one thing was missing - the familiar man she missed most who at the same time was also the man she feared to see most.

Tired as she was after the trip, she still went to Edward's house to say hello to Luke's parents first. It surprised her that she also met Daisy there. Then she realized that it was Sunday today. Where was Luke then? Had he already come here today? Michelle wondered.

"Michelle, you're back! How was your trip? Did you have fun?" Daisy looked at her with a gentle smile. She was quick to notice the disappointment in Michelle's eyes.

"Yes. It was good. The scenery was very beautiful! It was just breathtaking and I will remember that place for a long time. It would be nice to go back, next time with the family." Michelle smiled to cover her embarrassment. She felt more helpless than happy during this trip. Erin, with her wicked attitude really exasperated her.

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