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   Chapter 1475 He Knew The Truth (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6028

Updated: 2019-04-07 00:14

She felt helpless. Leena was nowhere to be found and Michelle had not come back yet. There was no one she could turn to. She had to stay at home, agitated and nervous. No matter how much Tom insulted her, she would never be able to stop loving him.

He said that both of them needed a break; that they needed time to calm down. What about after that? Would he break up with her? It made her so nervous. She had made a lot of efforts to make him accept her. Now, she did not want him to break up with her because of this one mistake!

"Are you gonna leave it like that? Don't you want to pick it up?" Rain cocked his head. He did not want to bother himself about the ringing phone, but the phone just kept chirping and it agitated him. He was kind of jealous as no one called him like this all the time.

"It doesn't matter. Just leave it be," Tom said casually. He did not want to hear that woman's voice right now. However, Tom could not help but wonder how she was doing. That was why Tom did not turn off his phone and left it ringing. This way, he could at least be sure that she was safe. Truth be told, he felt a bit ashamed. Tom shook his head, telling himself to keep it together. Still, his heart could not help caring about her. Despite the alcohol, that woman's smile, her lovely face and her voice kept flashing through his head over and over again. He seemed to have been poisoned. The name of that poison was love and Patricia was the one who fed him the venom.

"You bastard, you are flaunting that you have a woman who cares about you, aren't you?" Rain said in a seemingly angry tone. He swirled the liquid in his glass as a wicked smirk spread on his face.

"You are thinking too much! Just keep drinking." Tom rolled his eyes at Rain. He was not so jobless that he'd bother to t

to press him.

"I'm okay. Goodbye." Rain dashed away quietly. He cut quite an unruly figure.

Patricia watched him going away. She did not tear her gaze from him until he disappeared into the distance, before looking down at Tom.

She sighed slightly and walked over to the bed. His face was red. Did it hurt him so much that she did not tell him the truth?

She put her cold and shivering fingers on his handsome face and traced his features. It was the first time she was seeing him looking so quiet and harmless. He looked like an innocent child when he was asleep. This man did not look like the one who had hurt her with the worst words he could find.

Her eyes zeroed in on his lips. After some hesitation, Patricia lowered her head and kissed him. She had planned to leave a gentle kiss and stop, but somehow, she couldn't help but linger. She kissed him deeply, enjoying the taste of him.

When she finally decided to move away, the man who was supposed to be in a deep sleep suddenly opened his eyes. He took one look at her and in a drunken stupor grabbed the back of her hair and pressed her down toward him. He kissed her with enthusiasm, the passion between them scorching hot.

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