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   Chapter 1473 He Knew The Truth (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5450

Updated: 2019-04-06 01:34

Luke did not feel different the first day Michelle left. But soon, he started to feel restless. He was not used to not having her around. He became annoyed and agitated, as if something was missing.

"What are you thinking about, Luke?" Edward frowned at him. He had called out Luke's name several times, but the latter had not made any response. He seemed to be lost in his thoughts, and that had never happened before. Was he in love?

"Sorry, Mr. Mu. I didn't hear you speak to me," Luke told Edward truthfully after pausing for a moment.

"What is it? Has Michelle not come back yet?" Edward asked in a careless tone, feigning indifference. However, his guileful eyes were clear with intention.

"Not yet. She'll probably come back soon," Luke replied in an unnatural tone. He avoided eye contact with Edward unknowingly. Still, he felt like he had no way of hiding himself under Edward's stare.

"Probably? Haven't you called her yet?" Edward asked again, frowning. He put down the pen in his hand, still gazing at Luke.

"No," Luke said honestly. To be more precise, he did not even have Michelle's number. She had called him in the past, but he never saved her number because he did not think it was necessary. He never felt any need to call her before.

"No way! She has been gone for three or four days now, but you have not even called her. What about her? Has she called you?" Edward felt utterly helpless about this situation. Sure, Luke and Michelle weren't a couple and weren't in love, but they could at least get along. They were living under the same roof, for heaven's sake! Why did they want to keep

een lying to his face all this time. Tom's heart thundered. He could not feel any worse right now.

"You think I'm lying? Tom, I kept it from you that I got back my memories, but you can't deny that I love you with my whole heart!" Patricia had gone deathly pale. Tom seemed to think that she was a cunning woman who just wanted to trap him with her wiles.

"Hah! Love? You fall in love with a man so easily, huh? Your love is cheap, Patricia." Tom was bristling with rage. He intended to hurt Patricia as much as he could, the consequences be damned.

"Yes. I fell in love with you that easily. I love you so much that I lost my dignity. You're right, Tom. My love is cheap," Patricia said. She smiled bitterly as tears fell down her face. It was said that during a fight, a couple lashed out at each other with the most hurtful insults. That was indeed the case here; Patricia felt it now.

"So you admit it. You played me for a fool. You did it on purpose because I hurt you before, am I right?" A malicious smile cracked on Tom's face. It could make anyone tremble in fear.

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