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   Chapter 1471 Girls' Fight (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5860

Updated: 2019-04-06 01:18

The hot spring was not on the mountain like Hilda had said. Instead, it was in a valley and was surrounded by green trees and beautiful flowers, like a retreat away from the hustle of the outside world. The air was fresh, unlike that in the cities. It was serene.

The men's pool and the women's pool were separated by thick wooden planks. The girls and boys couldn't see each other, but their voices could be heard clearly over the wooden division.

Michelle and Hilda took their time to change into their swimsuits. When they arrived at the pool, Erin rolled her eyes and snorted at them, "What country bumpkins!" Erin was wearing a bikini, which accentuated her sexy body. Several girls were swimming around Erin and fawning over her.

Michelle and Hilda entered into the pool and stayed away from Erin. But Hilda still felt uncomfortable in Erin's presence.

"Erin, you have such an exquisite, well-shaped body unlike someone here who is dressed like an old lady," the girl, who was next to Erin, sneered. She had always disliked Michelle. According to her, Michelle was just a broke girl from a poor background and should also fawn over Erin like she did.

"Exactly. Look at her flat chest," echoed another girl, who cast a scornful glance at Michelle and Hilda.

Hilda bit her lower lip and turned to look at Michelle to see her reaction. But Michelle didn't seem to be bothered at all. She had shut her eyes as if nothing had happened. She let the warm spring water relax her body.

Satisfied with the insults, Erin raised her head and looked at Michelle. She had thought that Michelle would be ashamed of herself, but she was wrong. She gave absolutely no response to their taunting. Erin was annoyed.

"Hey, fatso! Get out of here.

. What are you guys doing?" Hilda gulped nervously and stood in front of Michelle. Although she was trembling in fear, she still stood her ground without running away.

"If you don't want to get beaten up, get out of here." One of the girls cast a warning glance at Hilda and pushed her into the water.

Michelle watched as Hilda struggled to stand up. She frowned. She knew how these cat fights played out. They weren't really skilled fighters. All they did were push and pull whoever was weaker than them. They would gang up and pull each other's hair, probably end up tearing their swimsuits and clawing at each other's face with their long polished nails. Lucky for her, her hair was short and she was wearing a simple swimsuit. "So you want to gang up on me, huh?" Michelle mocked. Then she looked at Erin and smirked, "Are you too weak to fight me alone?"

Erin's nose flared in anger. "You shameless bitch! You are so dead!" Michelle showed no fear as several of the girls came at her at once. And this irritated Erin. She couldn't understand why Michelle was not affected by her words or her punches. She wanted Michelle to fawn over her like the others.

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