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   Chapter 1469 A Class Activity (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6106

Updated: 2019-04-06 00:24

"Mr. Luo, good morning. Your breakfast is ready if you want to eat now." Passing by with a basket of laundry, Maria greeted Luke the moment she saw him.

"Morning! Where's Michelle? I haven't seen her," Luke asked with a frown. His voice was as cold as ice. Obviously, he didn't remember what Michelle had told him a couple of days ago.

"Oh, Mrs. Luo has a class activity today. She's going on a 2-day sketching activity with the entire class somewhere, like a field trip. I think, she told you before. Don't you remember?" Maria looked at Luke in confusion. 'Did Mrs. Luo lie to me? Why did Mr. Luo not know about it?' she thought.

"Ah, now I remember. Sorry, I just forgot it." Michelle did mention it before, but he had been thinking about something else then and hadn't paid attention to what she had said. He actually didn't listen to her much, on purpose.

Luke ate breakfast alone in silence. He had grown accustomed to having a woman around and nagging him. He shook the weird feeling off and decided to focus on his work. He didn't need love, and he would not allow any woman to affect him.

Michelle's classmates were in high spirits and chatted all the way. Michelle, however, stared dejectedly out the window while listening to Hilda's light snore and thinking about Luke.

'Has he gotten up now? Did he miss me when he found out that I'm not home?' Then she shook her head and smiled bitterly. 'Nah. He would by no means miss me. What a humble and delusional woman I am! Last night, I told myself that I should just love me and not love him anymore. But I've begun to miss him again. Ohh well, I have got no pride!'

Their destination was a remote mountain area and although it was cold in winter, this place did not seem to be affected by the changes in the weather and even the seasons. There were gr

wimsuits here, but the prices are kind of high." Hilda shrugged her shoulders. She really wanted to give the hot spring a try, but the expensive swimsuit was killing her.

"Oh, don't worry. I'll buy you one as a gift," Michelle said casually. She didn't mind buying it for her friend.

"Really? But you're not very rich as well." Hilda was a little embarrassed to accept Michelle's kind offer. She knew Michelle went to school by bus every day, and thought she was as modest as herself.

"Oh, don't think about that. I can afford to buy you a swimsuit." Michelle patted Hilda's shoulder to comfort her. All of a sudden, her phone rang. She was so ecstatic that she immediately checked who it was. However, her joy disappeared quickly. It was not Luke.

"Hi Mom! Yes, We've already checked in," Michelle said. It was Cynthia, who also knew about Michelle's class activity and was calling to make sure she was alright. Cynthia was good to her two daughters-in-law, always showing her concern for them.

"All right. And how was your trip?" Cynthia asked. Daisy was sitting next to her, and got close to the phone to hear Michelle's voice. Daisy also cared about Michelle a lot and was very supportive of her.

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