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   Chapter 1466 Discharged From The Hospital (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6982

Updated: 2019-04-05 06:25

Everyone looked at her stance. They began to fear for themselves. After all, they just liked to form cliques. They had no idea what it was like in the underworld. They felt afraid under Michelle's cold, icy glare.

"A bunch of crap," Erin said as she gritted her teeth. She left the place angrily. Michelle pinched her wrist before she dropped it and that was painful. So she didn't try to put up a fight with her anymore.

"Hmmph!" This time, I will just let you two go. But you won't be so lucky next time," said Erin. After that, she led her people away as they sweared and cussed in the hallways. Although she didn't want to let them go just yet, she didn't dare to fight Michelle. To put it bluntly, they were those pitiful kinds of people who only bullied the weak and feared the strong.

Michelle sneered as they left, and glanced coldly at their receding figures. She would never be afraid of other people's attempts to provoke her. Even if they gathered together to fight her, she wouldn't fear and back down.

"Hilda, are you all right?" Michelle looked towards Hilda and asked. She reached out her hand and helped her stand up. She brushed off the dirt on her clothes.

"I'm okay, thank you. It was just that you offended them so publicly today, they might wonder how to get revenge on us now." Hilda brushed off the remaining dirt on her clothes. She was already accustomed to being bullied by Erin and her clique. She knew that the pain from their beating would only last for a few days. So it was nothing serious. However, she just wasn't sure what would happen now after the fiasco as she noticed Erin's look towards them was far from pleasant. They all said that the most poisonous thing in the world was woman's heart. Moreover, a beautiful woman like Erin was even more insidious.

"It's okay. If they dare to bully you again in the future, you could just tell me. We are in the school but not in the underworld. They could not act arbitrarily," Michelle said calmly. It looked a little bit desolate in the deep winter of the campus. The place where they stood w

he used to have. Because of that, she grew mature in her struggles. However, she grew more and more lonely too. Her eyes were no longer filled with enthusiasm, and became insipid like tepid water.

Anyone would find her strange in the way she acted. Even Luke, who was indifferent to her also noticed her changing.

"You have something on your mind." On that one particular day, when Michelle sat quietly on the swing in the garden, Luke suddenly appeared beside her with doubt etched across his face.

"Do you care?" Michelle asked him. It was true that she loved him. But she believed that if she continued to live like this, she would lose all her enthusiasm in life.

"Could I not care about you? Mom has asked me about why you behaved so strangely nowadays." Luke just stared at her. If it wasn't for the fact that he had just been scolded by his mother, he would not even care about her.

"I know that you don't care about me. It turns out that you got scolded by your mom, so you will care to ask me once. In fact, you could just ignore me. After all, I am just your nominal wife. In your heart, even a stranger might be more important than me!" Michelle tightly bit her bottom lip that it turned quite red. She looked up at the sky and tried to hold back her tears. She could not cry, especially now that she was in front of him. She must hold back her tears no matter what.

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