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   Chapter 1465 Discharged From The Hospital (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6912

Updated: 2019-04-05 05:30

"But I really want to know," Patricia asked carefully. The kind of love that was always too meticulously maintained could never withstand any wind and rain. Patricia clearly knew this. But whenever she was in front of him, she could never feel free and relaxed. She only wanted to know more about him.

"If you want to ask me if I've been in this car with any other woman, I could only tell you one word: yes." Tom replied in a clipped voice. Although he had not been in love before, it didn't mean that he did not understand what women thought secretly when they saw him. So it wasn't so difficult to guess what Patricia was itching to ask.

"Err... I see!" Patricia said. She couldn't help but feel the disappointment tugging at her heart. She originally thought that Tom didn't involve himself in such affairs like the rumors said. It turned out that he did bring back girls in his home. Thinking of that made her even more depressed.

Tom just smiled as his eyes just focused on the road. He didn't tell her that the "woman" was only Leena. If she really believed him, she would trust his words no matter what he said. If she did not, she really wouldn't trust him no matter how hard he would explain to her. There was only so much one could do to convince a stubborn person, after all.

The skies were clear and the grounds were filled with the pleasant chatter of students and some faculty alike. Michelle just entered the school when she saw Erin and her cliquish group of friends bullying Hilda. She could choose to just ignore Hilda if she didn't get well along with her as she always believed in staying out of trouble. Since Hilda was nice to her, she decided to walk towards them.

"Let her go." Michelle's cold voice held a trace of disdain. She just couldn't understand why these people couldn't comprehend that they were in college. Why did this feel like she was still in a gang?

"You actually want to stand up for her?" Erin challenged her as she blew one expertly manicured fingernail in a lazy, languid voice.

"I'll say it again: let her

espect. She had no idea what they even did with their parents' money. Although she herself wasn't an angel before, she wouldn't stoop so low as to bully innocent people.

"Bitch, what did you say? Who do you think are we?" Erin said angrily. As she said this, she raised her hand to slap Michelle. However, Michelle was able to dodge that by grabbing her wrist.

"If you want to beat me, I suggest that you should weigh up your power first. And bitch... I ask you the same question. You rely on your own advantages to bully others. Don't you feel shameful?" Michelle said coldly. She yanked Erin's wrist forcefully. She was born in the underworld to a family who were not well-to-do. It was true that she would always get into fights. But she had never been slapped by others. So to be honest, it was impossible for Erin to slap her.

"Don't be so confident. We're still here. Have you forgotten us?" The other girls said. When they saw Michelle was threatening Erin, they hurriedly aimed at her and completely forgot Hilda.

"Hmmph! You're just a disorganized, pathetic excuse of a mob. And you will collapse at the first blow. I'll tell you now that I won't be responsible for the mutilation--so if you don't want to suffer for it, I suggest you all leave right now." Michelle said as her whole body fumed with iciness. It made people feel even colder than the winter.

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