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   Chapter 1464 Discharged From The Hospital (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7034

Updated: 2019-04-05 01:13

During the time that Leena left, everyone seemed to gradually forget her. But in fact, all the people she was close with still knew in their hearts that their love for her never stopped, hoping that one day she would come to her senses and return.

The sun cast its bright light through the room, filtered by the blinds and bathing the room in a soft yellow glow. Patricia sat on the hospital sickbed. Today was the day she would be released from the hospital. She had almost recovered and was allowed to leave the facility that she had stayed in for a few months. Although she still felt a little reluctant to leave, what she truly wanted was the wider skies from the outside. She didn't want to be confined in only a small world.

"Although your feet can walk smoothly, they still haven't returned to their best state. So after you go back home, you should take careful steps when you go back to your usual routines. Remember to not run or participate in strenuous activities. As long as you do some proper rehabilitation exercises, your feet can return to their original state of health," Tom said, holding a plastic blue clipboard as he perused her feet. He said it as best as he could from a doctor's point of view. The reason he reiterated everything carefully was because he knew that Patricia was an active and lively girl, so he was afraid that she'd do something reckless like a wild horse without reins. It was crucial that she took extra care unless she wanted to stay in the hospital again.

"Well, I see. You've told me these things three times already." Patricia's fingers stroked her forehead. And she wondered if every other doctor would be so wordy to their patients, just like him.

"That's because it's the most important thing for you right now. I have to say you'll need more time as well in case you don't take serious care of it." Tom didn't think there was anything wrong with what he said. On the contrary, he spoke these words with sheer confidence as a knowledgeable and well meaning doctor.

"Alright, just let me go now! I promise that I will remember everything you sa

ed in front of him as if she was just like a scolded child. It was true that she occasionally caused troubles carelessly, but she never dared provoke him as he could be indifferent to her. Yes, they were in love now—but she couldn't feel the kind of empathy between lovers.

Tom was an extremely gifted doctor, and many people constantly flattered him. There were also many beautiful and charming women always showing their admiration and vying for his attention. To top that, he was also very handsome in appearance--but most importantly, he had a clean personaI life. He was a good man and he had no love affairs. It could be said that he was a rare golden bachelor.

Patricia followed Tom to his car with careful steps. It was her first time to ride in it and she noticed that there was none of that annoyingly strong scent of perfume, and no strands of long hair on the seat that could come from women who rode in the car. Patricia felt that sitting in the car of such a man was refreshing and pleasant.

"Tom, may I ask you umm...a rather personal question?" Patricia sat on the shotgun seat and tilted her head to ask him. She was just a little bit curious to ask him more about his life.

"Since it's a personal question, don't even ask," Tom answered in a brusque voice. He just started the car and drove away. He didn't want to try imagining the type of question she wanted to ask him.

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