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   Chapter 1462 Michelle Got Sick (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7523

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"No," she paused for a moment. "You're right," she continued, her mouth feeling a bit tight. Patricia rubbed her nose and frowned. She thought that Tom was wrong, but she wouldn't point it out. He had the looks of a gentle man, but she knew his true nature of being sternly cold and unmovable. It would be foolish to provoke him, and she wouldn't dare to do so.

The man's eyes were cold as he looked at her. He knew perfectly well that she wouldn't dare to disobey him, but lately, he was picking up something strange from her behavior. Sometimes, it was as if she had already recovered her memory. He noticed how cautious she would act around him, and how she would hesitate before responding to him. She was no longer as unscrupulous after losing her memory, and he could tell that she was reluctant to accept him as her boyfriend.

Kevin's chest felt as cold as the terrible winter upon him. There was a time he always braved the cold with a smile on his face and skipped in his step, but at that moment, the cold wind had him chill to the bone.

Three days had passed since Leena left, and Kevin was no longer too racked with anxiety. He had somehow resigned to the fact that she was gone. After failing to find her, all he could do was waiting for her in S City. The day she came back to him, the first thing she would see was the fire burning in his eyes.

His life didn't change drastically after she left. He knew she was safe, so he didn't let his mind be occupied with unproductive dismal thoughts. Instead, he shaved off his beard, and restored the image of a handsome, young, clean-cut general. He knew all too well how Leena didn't appreciate his sloppiness, so he decided to keep himself neat, and his house tidy, while she was away.

"Are you alright, Kevin?" Daisy's words cut through his newfound image. It was mere camouflage, and she could tell. She knew that he was going to paralyze himself in training again.

"Of course. Why, don't I look good?" He playfully raised his brow, his thin, finely structured face looking handsome.

"You look pale. Do you really want to die by exercising every day until you drop?" Daisy's face was twisted into frustration.

He sighed. "Don't worry. I just lead the soldiers' training

us among the other students. It was a shame that her beloved Harley-Davidson motorcycle was locked away in the garage at home.

"Light rain?" Hilda looked at her incredulously. "You're soaking wet, Michelle." Hilda's thick lips were almost pouting in disagreement.

Michelle chuckled. "Hilda, I'm fine. It's just a little water. It's not a big deal. You don't have to make such a fuss. Look, you're calling everyone's attention now." She grabbed Hilda's hand in reassurance. She appreciated the concern for her, but she felt a little helpless. All she wanted was to blend in, and in turn stay unbothered.

"Err…" Hilda looked a little guilty. "Sorry. How about going back to the dorm to get changed? Your clothes are wet, and you might get sick." Hilda was a cute friend, Michelle thought. The girl stuck out her tongue playfully.

"I'm a healthy girl. I don't get sick easily." The night proved her wrong, however, because Michelle felt unexpectedly ill.

When Luke came back late, he was surprised to see that Michelle wasn't waiting for him in the living room like she usually would. He was curious, but didn't worry too much about it. She might have just gotten tired and went ahead to bed. No one would actually want to wait for a poker-faced man, he thought.

When he walked past the master bedroom, he paused a moment before rushing away. He had made up his mind to stop getting mixed up with Michelle, and he was determined to stay away. Love was unattainable for him, he believed.

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