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   Chapter 1461 Leena's Whereabouts (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6372

Updated: 2019-04-05 00:14

"Where did she go? She is such a silly girl. Why didn't she tell me about it from the very beginning? And you, Tom! Why didn't you tell me about her health condition? I could have comforted her! Poor Leena, she must be miserable now," Patricia blamed Tom, casting him a reproachful expression. But she could understand why he chose to do what he did.

"Tell you? Pfft! The only person needing solace at that time was you!" Tom blurted out. He didn't mean to blame Patricia, but just cracked a joke.

"Sorry! I forgot about that." Patricia knew how Tom cared about Leena, so she didn't mind his outburst at all.

"Don't worry. It was all my fault. By the way, how was your therapy today?" Tom walked towards Patricia and held her in his arms. His beloved sworn sister had gone missing, and he didn't want his girlfriend to disappear into thin air either. It would drive him mad.

"Tom, are you okay?" Patricia asked worriedly.

"Shhh! Don't talk. Don't move. Just stay here in my arms." Tom rested his head beside her neck. Smelling her light fragrance, he felt much better.

Patricia went rigid, not knowing whether she should hold his waist or not. Tom had always been aloof and never showed his vulnerability in front of her before.

"Since Mr. Mu said that Leena's safe, we can rest assured now. So don't worry." After struggling to have a comfortable position for a long time, Patricia finally decided to hug him back.

"Um, I know it. I just feel a little tired and want to have a rest." Tom let go of Patricia. Her soft and warm body made his heart pump faster and feel hot, so he had to release her to cool himself down.

"Oh, yeah. I understand. We all have our weak moments." Patricia smiled, but deep inside she wondered whether he was feeling uncomfortable with her in his arms.

"Why don't we take a walk in the garden?" Tom suggested, in an attempt to rebound from his unusual b

sionate and sweet love between them.

"I know. Come on, Tom! Don't you trust your own doctors in your hospital?" Belinda said with a laugh. She really thought Tom acted like her mother who was always worried about her.

"Belinda, don't mind him. In front of his patients, he really talks a lot, as if trying to impress them all the time! You'll grow used to it." Patricia giggled. She thought she was the only one that had to listen to his babble, but it seemed that Belinda was another victim.

"Haha. To be honest, I'll never get used to it. So please do me a favor and get him away from me. I really need to leave now. See you guys." Belinda left immediately after saying that. She didn't dare walk too fast though, for she was afraid that she might slip and fall. She just waddled away to the waiting car. She could still hear Tom nagging behind her. "Walk slowly! Look out for that trash bin on the right! Hold on to that railing!"

"Come on, Tom! You shush! Otherwise Belinda will speed up," Patricia said. She found that Belinda was also a straightforward woman, and they shared the same character.

"I was just worried about her. Am I wrong?" Tom complained. He felt that he had aged a lot recently, as there were so many things he had to worry about.

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