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   Chapter 1459 Leena's Whereabouts (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6364

Updated: 2019-04-04 05:04

"Sorry! I didn't mean it that way. I hope you understand. I am really anxious right now," Kevin apologized to Belinda. Thinking about it for a while, he took out his phone and dialed Hawkeye's number. He decided to use his position in the military to search for Leena.

"Hello, Major General Gu, what can I do to help you?" was Hawkeye's greeting to Kevin. As a soldier in the Special Forces, he was always ready.

"Hawkeye, I need you to carry out a city-wide search for my wife, Leena Leng," Kevin demanded. "Do everything you can and keep me updated at all times." He knew he would get in trouble for using military resources for personal matters, but he was willing to accept the punishment they would put on him. After all, Leena was his beloved wife and he would spare no efforts to find her.

"Yes, I guarantee you that the mission will be carried out to the best of our abilities. Please send me a picture of Mrs. Gu." Hawkeye was ready to accept the order without any questions or hesitation.

"I'll send it to you later. Just remember, no civilian citizens are to be harassed in this mission," Kevin urged. He became the cool and smart Major General again.

"Copy that, Major General Gu. I'll arrange the search now." Hawkeye hung up. Curious as he was, he dared not to ask Kevin further more.

Duke cast a cold glance at Kevin before he turned to Belinda and said,"I'll call Edward. He has more resources and a wider connection. I believe he will play a part in searching for Leena."

"Alright," Belinda answered with a frown. Then she turned to Kevin and said,"Kevin, you haven't eaten yet, have you? I will tell Giselle to prepare a meal for you."

"Thank you. But no need for that. I don't feel like eating. Please let me know when you have some news. I'll take my leave now. I don't feel comfortable staying still and not looking for my wife." Kevin didn't even have time to

ly, leaving no clues and not telling a single soul. She was a really good student, who had fully mastered the skills she learned from Kevin to avoid detection. She not only took away her stuff, but also Kevin's heart.

Extremely reluctant, Edward had no choice but to seek help from his father after days of searching in vain.

"You want something?" Jonathan asked. He was still so handsome and looked younger than his age, almost as if he was just Edward's older brother instead of his father.

"Father, I didn't want to bother you but I need your help to find someone," Edward confided earnestly. They were both handsome, but in their own unique ways.

"Are you talking about Leena? Let me tell you what I think. Leena needs time to cool down and rethink things. In my opinion, we shouldn't pressure her and make things worse by doing this massive search as if she were a criminal. Give her the space and time." It was not that Jonathan didn't want to help. He just thought that Leena had been mentally and emotionally exhausted and needed to take a break. It was good for her to take this opportunity to travel, relax herself and think carefully about her relationship with Kevin. Jonathan was confident that she would come back after she came around to it.

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