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   Chapter 1458 Her Leaving (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6901

Updated: 2019-04-04 01:07

After his unsuccessful attempts in finding her, he decided to go to Leng House. It was quite late when Kevin finally got there. When Duke greeted him at the door, he was shocked to see Kevin's messy appearance and his clothes in disarray.

"What happened to you? Were you robbed? But that doesn't make sense! You're a soldier. No one would rob you unless they don't want to live!" Duke teased him coldly, eyebrows wrinkling in slight confusion.

"Do you know where Nana is?" Kevin didn't mind the teasing at all, but he couldn't mask the frustration on his face. He didn't find her even after several hours of searching at the airport with the people looking at him like he had gone mad. He felt like he was about to collapse.

"What do you mean? Did something happen to Leena?" Duke then stopped teasing him when Kevin said that. He immediately asked when Kevin mentioned Leena, nervousness evident in his voice.

"No. But she left." Kevin sadly shut his eyes. Before he opened them, a heavy fist landed squarely on his face. However, he did not feel surprised at all, it was as if he was expecting it.

"Kevin, you bastard! She left? What do you mean by she left? Tell me what happened!?" Duke punched him again. He would lose control in anything bad that concerned his sister.

"I said she left! Didn't you hear me?" It was the first time Kevin shouted at Duke. He yelled at him not because Duke hit him, but because that he had no way to ease the pain in his heart--so he shouted at him, expecting Duke would beat him to no end. That way, he might feel better. It was a bitter attempt at catharsis but he really couldn't bear the pain of Leena leaving.

"Where did she go? Tell me!" Duke shouted back at him. He glared at the inconsolable man in front of him with rage filled eyes, the hate radiating from every nerve in his body. He did not punch him this time.

"I would not come here if I know where she is," Kevin replied curtly. At this moment, he was so weak and done. He felt extremely helpless because he was unable to find any trace of her

and then that's when she'll leave in secret," Belinda said thoughtfully. Leena was smart. Belinda knew her. She clearly knew that Kevin and Daisy had easy access to these information, so Kevin would easily know exactly where she was as long as he knew which country she went to--so she did not just take a flight and went into hiding instead.

"I'm not sure. It's why I came here to see if you have any clue where she might go," Kevin said, rubbing his fingers on his temple. Kevin did not fully trust them. They might hide Leena's location from him. After all, they helped Leena to keep the secret that she was having difficulty in conceiving the baby. It was possible that they helped her leave, too.

"Kevin, are you suspicious about us, that we helped her to leave? If it were about other things, of course we would probably help her. But helping her go away? No way. We have no idea about it at all. I just felt that she was acting quite strange recently. She said some thankful words from time to time, but I did not take her seriously. I thought she was just too emotional at that time." Belinda said as a frown was written across her features. She reached out and touched her belly to comfort her baby out of maternal instinct. She felt the little one inside of her moving around a lot, as if he could feel her nervousness, or even know that his auntie ran away.

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