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   Chapter 1457 Her Leaving (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6600

Updated: 2019-04-04 01:07

"You said that you would love the kids as long as I was their mother. But I didn't have the courage to look into your passionate eyes. I know I can't have the baby that you want, so I have to go away." By that time, Leena had stopped writing. She put down her pen and burst into tears on the table, the liquid gushing out like water from a bursting dam. She was alone that time so she was free to cry all her feelings out and sobbed loudly to let out her sorrows.

The letter continued, "I thought I would have a cute baby with you as long as I did what Tom told me to do, so I kept taking those disgusting medicines to adjust my body. Even when you saw me taking those medicines by accident sometimes, I still smiled at you and told you that I was fine as if nothing happened.

I always looked into your face when you fell into sleep. I firstly knew how it felt to suffer from insomnia. For a thousand times, I wanted to reach out to touch your handsome face. But I didn't, because you might be disturbed in your peaceful sleep and wake up. There was nothing I could do but look into your face so that I would not forget it through the dim light. You are going to be the most memorable and precious one in my future lonely life." Tears were splashed on the paper and blurred the words. It was the darkest time in Leena's life. Her broken heart would never be healed.

"I know that you will not leave me even though I cannot have a baby. But there is still very little chance for the other possibility, which is the one I can't bear. I dare not imagine how important and precious I am to you. So I choose to leave you. I can't just be a willful woman. I love you with my whole heart and I don't want to be a selfish one. Maybe you will say that I am a coward and that I escape you with such an excuse, yet I insist on my own thought. I will probably regret someday my decision to leave you. But as long as you can live a happy life with a good wife and lovely children, I ca

e indeed liked kids, but kids were not necessary in life because in his heart, Leena was the most important person to him.

He quickly got in his car and started the engine. He drove to the airport at full speed, not caring about any traffic violations. He was aware that she might have already left, but he still wanted to go there to see if she was at the airport. He would not let any chances go. They just confirmed that both of them loved each other, and their happy life just began. He would never allow her to leave. They were not supposed to end like this.

Kevin always paid attention to his clothes and behaviors as a soldier. However, at this crucial moment, he had no spare time to focus on them anymore. His necktie was loosened up a bit because he ran in a hurry. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up as he ran in haphazard motions back and forth in the airport to search for Leena.

He ran to every woman who looked like Leena from behind to check if it was her. Most of them forgave his rude behavior because of his handsome look and the uniform, but still some thought he was a weirdo and thought him to be a psycho. There was no military insignia on his shirt to show his identity. No wonder he was considered to be a psycho playing pretend and running around frantically across the place.

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