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   Chapter 1456 Her Leaving (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6418

Updated: 2019-04-04 00:51

Michelle smiled, but secretly sneered internally. Although she was only a young, vibrant woman in her early twenties, she had matured a lot for her age ever since she got married. She had learned to be calm in her mind when tough situations arose. Like a wintersweet blossom in the harsh winter, she remained soft yet tough in the cold.

She didn't want to cause any troubles for anyone, and was not pleased when other people found fault with her. She clearly knew that she wasn't that innocent girl anymore. She was a wife now, and that was her new identity. In other words, she behaved as if it was not just her own business anymore, but rather intertwined with Luke's.

Leena's head was spinning with the amount of tasks she had done and had to do. She definitely needed a break but she was extremely busy these days. There were tons of things she needed to prepare and required her attention. Although she couldn't exactly take care of each and every single one of them, she at least had to finish the things she had promised.

When nighttime fell, Leena was resting tiredly with her head on Kevin's lap and asked, "Kevin, do you like the kids?"

"Yes." Kevin carelessly replied in a monotonous voice, not looking down at her from the news report he was watching on the TV. It slipped him why she had asked such a strange question out of the blue.

"How many kids do you want to have?" Leena pressed her lips into a thin line and asked again.

"Girl, are you pregnant?!" Suddenly, Kevin turned to her and asked surprisingly, shock written all over his face. This did not escape Leena's gaze and she couldn't help but feel bad for herself.

"Ahh... No. I'm just asking." Seeing Kevin reacting like that, Leena couldn't bear to tell him the truth. It would greatly disappoint him. She had to swallow the bitter pill all by herself, but of course someday he would eventually know about it. One couldn't hide a

hat there were many dried tear stains on the paper. Some of the words were even blurred out because of the tears. It was obvious that she was heartbroken so much that she could not stop crying, the tears swirling the ink in the wake.

"I asked you once to be more patient and give me more time. I thought God always blessed me. But this time, he is not standing with me. I know that it's time for me to leave." As he continued the letter, it was like Leena's every thought as she wrote it came to his mind. When Leena wrote this letter, every word was like a knife piercing its sharp blade through her heart. She hurt so much.

"Tom told me that it was difficult for me to get pregnant. I'm sure you can never imagine how helpless I was when I first knew this fact. How I wished I could put myself in your arms and ask for your comfort. Even a small hug could be enough for me. But I knew I couldn't. So I locked myself up and asked everyone to hide this fact from you. I don't know whether you will love me like always when you know that I'm not a perfect woman." Leena sniffed as she bit her trembling lip. God knew how she was unwilling to leave him and how she wanted to be selfish this time. But she dared not bet, because she was afraid of the moment when Kevin knew it.

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