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   Chapter 1455 Starting School (Part Five)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6029

Updated: 2019-04-04 00:24

Meanwhile, Michelle went to the painting school and successfully enrolled in. There was one thing that worried her though. That was her marriage. That was why she had asked the principal not to mention that she was already married. She wanted to hide it from her future classmates because it was disturbing.

The person who was sitting beside Michelle was a chubby girl. She had a friendly smile on her round face. It seemed that she was happy to see a new classmate like Michelle. Then she put out her hand as if she wanted to shake hands with Michelle.

"Hello! My name is Hilda Shen. Nice to meet you!" The girl introduced herself in an excited tone. This quickly made Michelle calm down a bit. To everyone's surprise, Michelle was indeed very nervous about starting school. Having a friendly deskmate definitely helped a lot.

"Hello, my name is Michelle Mi. Nice to meet you too." A beautiful and friendly smile appeared on Michelle's face. She quickly reached out her hand to shake hands with the friendly girl.

"Let me tell you, all the people in our class are indeed very nice, except that girl. You should not anger her if you want to have an easy life here. She is from a very rich family and she is considered the prettiest girl here. Thus, be careful and don't go against her. You will surely have a hell of a life if you make her unhappy," said Hilda as she leaned towards Michelle. She was talking in a small voice as if she was telling a secret.

"All right. I see. Thank you for telling me this." Michelle nodded seriously, but in fact, she didn't pay it much mind. Normally, she was the one frightening others and not the other way around. She was not afraid of the girl at all.

"Besides, let me tell you! The food here is very delicious," added Hilda. She was a very vivaciou

about. What do you think? Isn't she pretty? She also has a hot body. She really is perfect. No wonder all the boys love her." Michelle didn't know what to think anymore. She was shocked that Hilda would say such things about the girl who bluntly insulted her. She didn't know if Hilda was too innocent or if there was something wrong with her brain. Why was she like that? How could she say such nice things about the girl who insulted her? Michelle had no idea.

"Well, in my opinion, she is just so-so. She is not that pretty." Maybe Michelle had seen too many pretty girls in her life. After all, her friends were all prettier than the girl. Anyone who was not blind could see that she had too many plastic surgeries. Moreover, Michelle was not very fond of this kind of beauty. That was why she was not impressed by her looks.

"Um. Really? A lot of guys in our school are in love with her. They all say that she is a goddess and treat her like one." Hilda tilted her head and looked at Michelle in disbelief. Did she just hear Michelle right? If Michelle considered the most beautiful girl in this school 'just so-so', then she surely couldn't imagine a beautiful girl in Michelle's standard.

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